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Our Goal is Two-Fold.

First, we hope to introduce you to Natureworks, a very special retail garden center in Southern Connecticut. Although small in size (we are located on merely an acre of land!) we pack a lot into a little space. Our shop is in a 100-year-old house and is filled to overflowing with unique gifts and gardening accessories in every season. The plant benches in our yard are packed with an amazing variety of fascinating plants, from old-fashioned flowers to the latest cutting-edge introductions.

But the best part of visiting Natureworks are the gardens. Our demonstration gardens surround the store and the retail sales yard. They contain most of the plants that we sell, growing in a style marked with wild abandon. They are a place to stroll and relax as well as a living classroom.

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Nancy DuBrule brought in this BEAUTIFUL bouquet of flowers, all cut from her garden this week! This is why we keep ordering and bringing in plants in to our retail benches and client gardens in fall--Fall gardens are the prettiest of all! ...

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This is beautiful Fall planting weather! Can we entice you with this great summer and fall combination of Agastache 'Purple Haze', Amsonia hubrectii and Panicum 'Ruby Ribbons'? How about a great selection of spring blooming bulbs? It's hard to go to work now without bringing at least ONE plant home. Maybe two. :) ...

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Durham Fair pictures- it was so amazing to work at the booth. We watched butterflies being born, a caterpillar become a chrysalis, and the wondrous faces of so many children and adults. ...

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We are at the Durham Fair answering questions like crazy about butterflies at our booth in the Discovery Center education area located this year in the llama barn! We brought monarchs, black swallowtails and spicebush swallowtail caterpillars to show. We have been watching monarchs turn into chrysalises and hatch into butterflies. The best feeling in the world is when a 10 year old kid sees the caterpillars and exclaims "Oh this is SO COOL!" Thanks to the Durham Fair Association for including this educational area-the Discovery Center was mobbed all 3 days so far! Come see all the booths here at the fair. #durhamfair #educationrocks #somuchfood ...

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It is Fall and this garden center is READY! We are stocked with many types of certified organic garlic and certified ORGANIC cover crops. The benches are FULL of beautiful new perennial plants to make a new little garden with and we can help guide you to what plants will thrive and make you HAPPY. Our pumpkins are here and they are so COOL! The annual flower benches are STUFFED and ready to color up your pots and decks. Our spring bulb selection is the BEST in the state. Grass seed, nematodes, compost--it's all here. We are now open 7 days a week-come on in! ...

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Latest Blog Posts

  • Creatively Colorful!

    What a lovely week we are experiencing! I am seeing brilliant blue skies, colorful flowers everywhere you look, grasses waving gracefully in the breeze, monarch butterflies flitting about, birds swooping from birdbath to bush. I love this season. At Natureworks, we are DETERMINED to make......

  • Our Ongoing Focus on Pollinators and Butterflies

    This Friday afternoon from 5:00 – 6:00 pm, I have been asked to give a presentation at the North Haven Fair on Planting for Pollinators and Butterflies. I am so psyched! I will be at one of the classrooms put together by the Boy Scout......

  • The Bulbs Are Here! The Bulbs Are Here!

    Labor Day has come and gone. In the past week, Natureworks has totally transformed the inside of our store into BULB paradise. Not only do we have thousands of beautiful spring and early summer blooming bulbs in stock, we ‘Waterlily’ Colchicums, culinary sage, and Allium......

  • Heat and Drought Proofing Your Garden

    The extreme and prolonged temperatures in the 90’s of the past few weeks have really tested the tenacity of all gardeners. We are finally getting some deep soaking rains after nearly a month of completely dry conditions. If your garden has suffered, you are not......

  • Have a Gourmet Fall!

    We are deep in the heart of August and just emerging from a brutal heat wave. Although it has been tough on gardeners, I have literally watched my plants grow, especially the vegetables. All of the sudden I am swimming in cucumbers. The tomatoes are starting......


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We’ve got an app for that! We are really excited to launch our new mobile app. Available for both Apple and Android devices, it works on both phones and tablets. The app features a rewards program so remember to check in at the register when making your purchases. It is really easy and fun. So check it out and check in for special incentives.

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