Mack Sidera

16 Jun Mack Sidera

Mack S.Retail loader & plant waterer/caretaker
Natureworker since 2014

MY SPECIALTY:  Lifting heavy plants.
FUN FACT:  I love music.

NANCY ADDS…”Mack is a gift to the Natureworks staff. Because he lives right up the street, he is able to come in after school (just as we are getting tired from the long day…) and even in the winter to help us shovel out. We are always so happy to see his smiling face. The customers love him- he loads tons of organic amendments and directs traffic in the parking lot on busy Saturdays. Mack comes from a gardening family. His grandfather is a landscape architect and his aunts and uncles are in the horticulture business as well. He loves to garden and grow food. He has even created an edible flower garden on the front lawn of the shop!”