We are the Organic Gardening Experts

Natureworks has been deeply committed to organic gardening methods since its inception in 1983. We sell only organic fertilizers and pest control products. When you walk into our store you will smell flowers, not toxic poisons! All of our landscape crews use organic methods in their work. We are considered the experts in organic gardening in the area. The products we sell help reinforce Integrated Pest Management (IPM) principles.  We use them and we hope you will too.


Some of the organic products we proudly carry include:

  • North Country Organic fertilizers
  • Coast of Maine composts, topsoil, and mulches
  • Organic Mechanics potting soil
  • Dr. Earth soil and fertilizer
  • Organic Plant Magic
  • Earthworm castings
  • A wide range or organic pest control products including neem, spinosad, Oxidate, Sluggo, Repellex, and many more.
  • Beneficial insects such as ladybugs, praying mantis egg cases, and beneficial nematodes.
  • Our own custom grass seed mix and Eco-Lawn
  • Cow pots
  • Clover seed
  • Shredded straw mulch
  • Weed Barrier biodegradable planter’s paper
  • We also sell a variety of Deet-free insect repellents containing natural oils safe for your skin.


Liquid fertilizer from Neptune's Harvest. 2-6-4 formula, great for roses!

Liquid fertilizer from Neptune’s Harvest. 2-6-4 formula, great for roses!

Worm castings.

Worm castings.