Grow Day

Saturday, March 25th  

A fun and informative day of learning with a focus on edibles

9:00-9:45 Don’t Be Held Back by Small Space Edible Gardens
So many of our friends come into the shop during veggie season and feel held back by living in apartments, condos or deed-restricted areas where they are forced to have miniature areas for growing. We don’t want a problem like that preventing you from growing buckets of fresh, organic food for the season. We’ll teach you some simple tricks for growing a bountiful vegetable garden, even in the smallest spaces.

10:00-11:00 For the Love of Seeds: Cost Effective, Bullet Proof Methods for Getting the Most Variety in your 2017 Vegetable Garden
Grow every variety of every vegetable you’ve ever wanted by learning how to plant from seed. With the right materials and right set of conditions, you will become a seed-planting expert after this workshop. Interactive, hands-on instruction that (be careful) may just make you a seed fanatic. Never say “My seeds always fail” again!
Instructor: Jillian Shea

11:15-12:00 Edible Gardens of England
In July of 2016, Nancy went on a tour of 17 gardens in England. In this talk she will share what she saw and learned about the edible gardens that were a part of nearly every garden on the tour. 12:00-

12:45 Lunch (bring a brown bag lunch, we will supply beverages) and shopping for books, seeds, and organic gardening supplies

1:00-1:45 Why Every Organic Farmer uses Row Cover (and why you should too)
Did you know that you can avoid a huge percentage of your average vegetable problems with preventative maintenance? Row covers are part of a larger, organic growing practice. They help you avoid having to use even organic insecticides and fungicides. Using row covers will make your garden successful, longer lasting, and more ecologically-minded.
Instructor: Jillian Shea

2:00-2:45 Making an Edible Garden Plan
Nancy will explain the basics of how to plan an edible garden. Using a method that guides your from spring cold crops, to heat loving summer crops, through the important fall growing season, you will learn which seeds and seedlings to plant when. Learn how to keep a garden journal and supplement your edible garden with small fruits and perennials vegetables as well.

2:45-3:15 Wrap-up, questions, shopping Natureworks retail store will be open until 6 pm so you can visit and shop after class.