Shopping is Fun!

Shopping is Fun!

Did you read that right? Shopping is fun? Well, what I really mean is “shopping is fun at NATUREWORKS!”  Yes, you really should come and visit us this week to finish up your shopping. When you walk in, you will surely say “Gee, it smells so good in here.” That is because we are working with really fresh greens, picked daily from my garden, in all of our arrangements, wreaths, and creations. You will also smell the fresh flowers, our once a year indulgence. We will be getting in really

Locally harvested mushrooms, harvested by Natureworker Lisa, dried and displayed in a clear globe. This is a gift that you won’t find anywhere but Natureworks!

unusual and pretty fresh cut flowers so we can make up bouquets of flowers and greens and add them to the arrangements we are making. Next, you will find that my staff is really friendly and eager to help you. Yes, our shop is small, but it is jammed packed, and it takes a long time to take it all in. Let us be your guide. We have things no one else has, such as hand made ornaments filled with locally harvested, dried mushrooms, made by Natureworker Lisa Elder. We have put together Monarch Raising Kitsfor you to give to the next generation of butterfly lovers. We have stuffed greens into every container imaginable including pig planters, giant bowls, owl vases, wooden boxes…you name it, if it can hold water or floral foam, it can be a holiday arrangement. Where else can you find an entire WALL of terrariums, each one hand made by my staff? And where else can you order a terrarium to becustomized for someone? Sea shells, kitty cats, woodland creatures, even dinosaurs have found themselves in a terrarium this month. We have local honey, seeds for milkweed and microgreens, fir scented candles, tons of succulents and houseplants, and did I mention some of the cutest ornaments anywhere? 


If you really want to enjoy shopping, come by this Thursday. We are having our first ever Thursday Night Late Night Fun Night. This is our last late shopping night of 2018. From 4-7 on Thursday, December 20th, we are going to have some fun! There will be wine and cheese and chocolate! We will raffle off a wreath and a porch pot and maybe a few other items too. AND surprises in every corner. What kind of surprises? You’ll need to come to find out!

A unique creation- faux bois log container stuffed with dried mushrooms, pods, freshly picked berries, greens, and flowers.

Our Thursday Night Late Night Fun Night will begin with our last Facebook Live Video of the year. This week I will be focusing on combining greens and flowers to inspire you in your last minute holiday decorating. 

Don’t forget that we have a really nice selection of children’s books and gardening tools.  If you want to give a gift that will keep on giving, inspire a little one to begin a garden in 2019. Give them a gardening book, a pair of gloves, some tools, and watch them GROW right along side of you. 
Last week I discussed the idea of giving gifts that make a difference. When you walk in, you will see our display of mason bee houses, books on pollinators, a great book on birds (press the button, hear the bird song, match them up with the description of the bird), and our own Monarch Raising Kits.

The boxes are used to raise the eggs and caterpillars. It also contains our bible on raising monarch butterflies and some milkweed seeds.

A fun surprise would be to slip a gift certificate to Natureworks and a pair of CT Flower and Garden Show tickets into a great gardening book. Our favorite books of

2018 are on the shelves including Planting in a Post Wild World, Heaven is a Garden, The Cocktail Hour Garden, The Well Tended Perennial Garden, Epic Tomatoes, and so much more. I spend a LOT of time in the winter catching up on my reading. It is one of the joys of this time of year when it’s too cold to garden. A cup of tea, a scented 

candle, a fire in the fireplace, my 
Christmas tree all aglow and a 
good book. Heaven. Yes, we will gladly gift wrap your book purchase for you. 
This week is supposed to warm up into the 40’s, possibly even the low 50’s! I guess we will have to expect a roller coaster ride of weather as we head into 2019. Warmer temperatures means two things to a gardener like me:
  1. You can apply WiltPruf to your broadleaf evergreens and any trees or shrubs you have transplanted this fall. It’s best to apply it when temperatures are in the 40’s. Be sure to spray it both above and below the leaves. We have it in ready-to-use spray bottles as well as concentrate.
  2. When the temps warm up, the soil in our porch pots and windowboxes thaws out. This is your opportunity to finish studding those pots- they will give you so much pleasure all winter long. 
If you live far away and want to send a Natureworks Gift Certificate to someone, you can order on line (see link below) or call the shop. We will mail them out right away. Any online gift certificate orders placed by the 23rd will be mailed on the 24th but won’t be received until after Christmas. Please note that we close for the season at 4 pm on Sunday, December 23rd. If you place a gift certificate order after that, we won’t see it until we return from holiday break after New Years.
Give ornaments as a holiday gift and start a tradition. Each year, give another ornament. Every time the recipient trims their tree, they will think of you!
Speaking of ornaments, here’s another way to reduce your holiday stress. We love our ornaments so much that we made some of them talk! If you could use a chuckle,Click Here or on the image below to watch our talking ornament videos on YouTube.
Talking Sheep Ornament. 
Beautiful table arrangements for Christmas dinner.
Send us a picture of yours on your table this year.
We would LOVE to see our arrangements in your beautiful homes!
Make Natureworks your most anticipated stop this week. Join us for fun, inspirational, relaxing shopping and celebrate the last few days of our 35th year in business. What an honor, what a joy, to be supported by so many of you. We are truly blessed.
 I look forward to seeing you…


P.S. Check out the sales and coupons below! 
 We are open daily Mon-Sat 9-5, Thurs until 7, Sunday 9-4. 
(usually Sunday we open at 10, but we figured everyone has a lot to do so we will be happy to open a bit earlier to soak in the season a bit longer!)
We close for the season on Sunday, December 23rd at 4pm!