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Our goal is two-fold; First, we hope to introduce you to Natureworks, a very special retail garden center in Southern Connecticut. Although small in size (we are located on merely an acre of land!) we pack a lot into a little space. Our shop is in a 125-year-old house and is filled to overflowing with unique gifts and gardening accessories in every season. The plant benches in our yard are packed with an amazing variety of fascinating plants, from old-fashioned flowers to the latest cutting-edge introductions. We place a special focus on native plants, pollinator friendly selections, butterfly larval food plants (such as milkweed) and nectar flowers, and plants to attract birds to your yard. We LOVE succulents, all kinds of organic edibles, and easy care plants that will fill your yard with color in every season.

But the best part of visiting Natureworks are the gardens. Our demonstration gardens surround the store and the retail sales yard. They contain many of the plants that we sell, growing in a style marked with wild abandon. As you drive in, be sure to visit Veggie Island, an organic edible demonstration garden in the center of our parking lot. Other edible gardens in raised beds and Smart Pots are located throughout the nursery yard to inspire you to grow more food. They are a place to stroll and relax as well as a living classroom.

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We’ve got an app for that! We are really excited to launch our new mobile app. Available for both Apple and Android devices, it works on both phones and tablets. The app features a rewards program so remember to check in at the register when making your purchases. It is really easy and fun. So check it out and check in for special incentives.

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