A Little Peace, Love & Magic For You This Week

A Little Peace, Love & Magic For You This Week

Welcome to another beautiful week for playing outside! Although I KNOW we need rain, it is quite astounding to enjoy warm, sunny days in November. On Monday, I had a work day at MY house. Four of my crew members spent the entire day planting, moving things around, and doing some of the heavy lifting that I can no longer do. What a gift! Now I can finally plant my bulbs (and afew more perennials that are still hanging around). Speaking of planting, we must get our remaining plants out of here this week. Therefore

all outdoor plants (excluding Christmas evergreens) are 75% off thru Sundayat 4 pm. After that, we will begin to set up the nursery yard for the arrival of fresh greenery. 
All outdoor plants 75% off until Sunday at 4 pm. How can you resist?
We still have some great spring blooming flower bulbs left and they are on

sale for 25% off from now until next Wednesday, November 16th. As the hard frosts take down your herbaceous perennials, you can begin to see spaces opening up between the crowns of the plants. That’swhere the bulbs go! I have been squirreling away all kinds of cool bulbs in my garage and I have lots more to select from our bins. I plant them all during the month of November and have been known to keep on planting into December. As long as the ground is not frozen, you can plant bulbs. 

The shop is undergoing a complete transformation as I write this email. As Diane so aptly put it in a Facebook post this week “we are beginning to unveil our holiday ornaments.” Cozy felt, nature themed, and birds galore are just some of the ornaments we are now hanging in every nook and cranny of this 126 year old house that is our shop. Our goal is to make you feel uplifted and happy, and transfer those feelings to your home holiday decor. This is no small undertaking. We start in January, shopping for days. The boxes begin arriving in late summer and they are carefully unpacked, priced, and packed away again until Halloween is over. Then, we can’t seem to get everything out of the boxes and into our displays fast enough! We only buy a limited number of each style, so if you see it, grab it! It probably won’t be here when you come back for your next visit. But something else NEW will be in its place!



Here are a few examples of the things that caught my eye right away. Bees represent “save our pollinators”, an ideal way to decorate a gift for any occasion. Know someone with a new baby? How about some felt star ornaments? And who doesn’t need a smiling snowball right about now… 

We love to use natural materials to decorate. My own couple of acres in Middletown are now planted extensively with unusual evergreens. We also harvest greenery from many of our clients yards, professionally hand pruning their shrubs in exchange for the greens. I pull grapevines from the wild areas and bring them in and twist them into roping and vine wreaths. My orange winterberries are abundant this year and I have already started picking them and using them in the fresh flower arrangements around my house, combined with all of my late mums and asters. Over the summer I grew, harvested, and dried yellow yarrow and silver dollars to use when decorating. As the leaves tumble down off of my red twig dogwood shrubs, those brilliant red branches will be cut and used to stud pots on the deck. This warm weather has brought on a serious case of seasonal denial, but there is no denying that it’s time to switch things up with your patio and porch decor as the summer annuals are finally done.
Don’t settle for candles that drip- Mole Hollow candles are the best!
Mole Hollow candles are back in stock. I am spoiled by these candles, as we have been selling them for decades. They are made in New England and are dripless. With the days getting shorter, I am using candles in the evening to brighten up our dinner table and our living room. 
If you are visiting friends and relatives for the Thanksgiving holidays, why not

bring them something unique and handcrafted from Natureworks. We are now taking orders for Succulent Cornucopias, Succulent Pumpkin Centerpieces, as well as our custom made arrangements of greenery, fall flowers, and berries. We are, of course, closed on Thanksgiving Day, then open for our regular 9-5 Friday hours to celebrate 
Green Friday at Natureworks, followed by Small Business Saturday on November 25th.
Wintergreen is a native woodland groundcover. The leaves and the berries taste and smell just like wintergreen when crushed. We use them in planters at this time of year and then add them to the garden in the spring. Kassie took this picture last week when the early morning frost was coating the leaves.
Now in stock on our benches are some of the prettiest baby evergreens and lush wintergreen plants (Gaultheria procumbens), perfect for replanting your frozen patio and porch pots. For guidance on how to do this, please refer to the article below. You can also bring your containers into Natureworks and let us plant them for you. 
Friday is Veterans Day and we are open our regular hours, from 9 am-5 pm. If you have the day off from work, why not plan on stopping by for a visit? Not only will you find ridiculous bargains on the last of our outdoor plants, you can pick up some bulbs on sale as well. You will also get a first hand look at all the new merchandise that my talented staff has been unpacking and displaying. We are, of course, open every day (except Thanksgiving) right up until December 23rd at 5 pm. It astounds me how many people don’t know we have a holiday shop and think we close when the outdoor planting season winds down. Not only do we have a holiday shop, we have some of the nicest, naturalistic, fresh wreaths and arrangements anywhere in the area. We are gearing UP right now. Please spread the word and tell your friends that Natureworks is the place to shop in November and December. Shop Small and support your local Natureworkers this year!  
I hope to see you soon…
P.S. Don’t forget to pot up your jumbo Amaryllis bulbs soon. We have deep burgundy ‘Black Pearl’, many different doubles, and some of the biggest white and red super-sized bulbs we have ever sold on our shelves right now. They take 8 weeks or more to flower. If you pot them today, you will have them in bloom in January.