About Us


Growing organically for over 30 years!

Natureworks is a garden center with a retail shop and greenhouse, offering many unusual perennials, shrubs, annuals and more. We provide design consultations and installation and maintenance services by appointment. Our focus is on organic gardening and providing a natural appearance to our designs.

Our garden center and retail shop are open to the public during the spring, summer and fall but we close a few days before Christmas and then re-open in the spring. During the winter, we offer a variety of educational classes related to many aspects of gardening and design.

Connecticut Horticultural SocietyNatureworks supports organizations with a mission we believe in such as the Connecticut Horticultural Society. You can learn about this group by visiting  cthort.org. 


The Natureworks Mission Statement

Natureworks offers organic and ecologically friendly products, services, and information to our customers. We are deeply committed to education in all we do. We beautify our surroundings with colorful, creative designs and cutting edge plant material. We proudly provide fair living wages and benefits to our employees, and constantly strive to further their knowledge of plants, design and organic practices. We are a stable, financial entity working to strengthen and build our local economy.

About Nancy DuBrule-Clemente

Nancy DuBrule-Clemente is the owner of Natureworks Horticultural Services, an organic garden center, landscape design, consultation, installation and maintenance service in Northford, Ct. Started in 1983, the Natureworks crews and retail store have sold and used only organic fertilizers and pest control products since the business began. Education is the primary focus of Natureworks. Emails, handouts, website, social media posts and web videos, articles for local newspapers and magazines, talks to groups and radio interviews all combine to spread the word about organic and sustainable practices.

Nancy graduated from the Ratcliffe Hicks School of the University of Connecticut with a degree in Floriculture. She is the coauthor (with Marny Smith) of A Country Garden for your Backyard, published by Rodale Press in 1995. She is the author of Succession of Bloom in the Perennial Garden, self published in 2004. She is a former board member and past president of NOFA/CT and is currently on the board of the CT. Nurserymen’s Foundation.

YOU SAY “tuh-mey-toh”
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Nancy’s name is often misspelled. Please be sure you spell it correctly, DuBrule-Clemente.
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