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Nancy DuBrule-Clemente, Owner
Natureworker/Originator since 1983

About Our Staff...

I have a degree in Floriculture from the Ratcliffe Hicks School of Agriculture at the University of CT. I originally attended UCONN in liberal arts, intending to become an elementary school teacher. My first job was as greenhouse manager at Glen Terrace Nurseries in Hamden. I started Natureworks in 1983 with $500 in my pocket and a bright gold Datsun pickup truck. I ran Natureworks out of an abandoned gas station at the entrance to Stony Creek until 1990 when I purchased the property in Northford. It was a private home which I converted to our garden center and retail store. We now have over 25 employees in the growing season including 3-4 landscaping crews, office and support staff, and retail staff. I have co-authored one book, written and self-published a second book, and write many articles for local and national publications. I teach many classes throughout Connecticut. I married in 2004 and moved from the shoreline to Middletown where I garden on almost 2 acres. It is a work in progress and the inspiration for many of my designs, teachings, and writings.

MY SPECIALTY: I love plants with a passion. I am blessed to work in a field that so inspires me. I also love music and grew up in a home with a musician father. I mostly listen to music but some day hope to get really good at playing the piano.

FUN FACT: I didn’t grow a plant until I was 20 years old! That proves that ANYONE can garden and it’s never too late to start. My first plant was a coleus. I did an independent study on houseplants in college.

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