Are you coming to Seedy Sunday???

Are you coming to Seedy Sunday???

We are SO excited that this Sunday, Februrary 9th, is SEEDY SUNDAY and Natureworks will be open from 9-4. With the mild weather this winter, we all have spring fever a bit early. When you arrive in our shop on Seedy Sunday, you can share that feeling with so many other like-minded gardeners. 

Seedy Sunday means….
Susan is spending the week unpacking all of our wonderful, organic seed starting supplies and “resetting” the shop for spring.
  • You can stock up on Organic Mechanics seed starting soil, Germination Station kits (heat mat, tray, dome), soil thermometers, cow pots, organic fertilizers, and so much more. 
Let us teach you which seeds to start indoors, which seeds to direct sow, and the difference between cool season plants and heat lovers.
  • SEEDS! One room of our shops is basically wall to wall seeds. We have everything you need to start your seeds indoors AND we have lots of cool season annuals, perennials, and biennials that you can sow outdoors in milk jugs. This is called winter sowing. See the article below for an explanation and a link to my friend Frau Zinnie’s video about this technique. 
We have SO many different types of poppy seeds. They are ideal for late winter sowing directly on cold soil. 
I direct seeded these seeds last year in my garden and had amazing results. You can too. 
  • We are having a TAG SALE! Out with the old to make room for the new… Diane and her staff are cleaning house and you get to take advantage of wonderful bargains. 
  • Discount Flower Show Tickets are available on Seedy Sunday. The flower show is only a few weeks away. Grab your tickets and make a date to go with a friend.
  • Stock up on all-natural bird feeding supplies. Our suet ball feeders are back as well as various other treats for the birds in your yard.
We have had really good luck growing onions from seed instead of sets. We can teach you all about it.
There IS a difference. We carry a really high quality line of suet. As our birds head into spring, they need protein to feed their young.
  • Pick up a copy of Doug Tallamy’s new book Nature’s Best Hope. Hot off the press, this book will teach you so much about how YOUR yard can help heal the earth. 

One of the things that Doug Tallamy talks about is something that we have been teaching and preaching at Natureworks for many years- reduce your lawn

In fact, the minute Suzanne dove into this book, she sent me a photo of this page where Doug says “Shrink the Lawn“. Well, guess what, we are having an ALL DAY workshop that focuses on this topic. Learn why this is so important (hint: lawns are a wasteland for pollinators, beneficial insects, and other creatures). Work on a big-picture plan to rethink your yard. Be inspired to add bird borders, mini-meadows, and native plants to your yard this spring. 

Click on this picture to register today.

On Saturday, March 28th, we are offering two in-depth classes. 

Click on the photos above and below and register today for these classes. Both are two hours long and will offer a deep dive into very important subjects. I LOVE to teach pruning, and this class will give me plenty of time to explain the basics. Don’t you love that picture of me? I was on a garden tour in England and those are Lauren’s Grape breadseed poppies in bloom surrounding me. 

The second class on March 28th is a DESIGN CLASS. I am so excited to introduce a new generation of gardeners how to organize a native plant garden so that it blooms in succession from early spring until late fall. 

What we are teaching at Natureworks goes way deeper than gardening techniques. We are teaching a wholistic, sustainable approach to care for your yard. Last Saturday was the CT Horticultural Society symposium with Mike Nadeau, Roy Diblik, and Lisa Mason-Ziegler. They all talked about the same concept. Roy Diblik calls it STEWARDSHIP. We are stewards of our land. We are stewards of the public lands in our communities. This is bigger than each one of us. We need to come together with our friends, neighbors, relatives, and our towns to make a change NOW.

Roy Diblik was an inspiration to us all. Here he is sharing a quote from Aldo Leopold.


We are so lucky to have so many deep thinking, smart teachers in these times. No matter what is happening in the world, remember, the garden will teach us and heal us. I live by this quote from Minnie Aumonier: 


“When the world wearies, and society ceases to satisfy, there is always the garden.”
See you this Sunday!



P.S. Valentine’s day is next week. Show some love to your pets by planting cat grass seeds. Show some love to your houseplants by stocking up on some organic houseplant fertilizer. Show some love to your significant other by buying a couple of Discount Flower Show Tickets. Show some love to your yard by signing up for a few classes and BE THE CHANGE…!