Asters are a wonderful fall perennial. They are often covered with migrating butterflies and are adored by bees and pollinators. They grow in sun or partial shade and come back reliably, and bigger, every year.


They blend beautifully with many fall perennials. On the left you see the white spikes of Sanguisorba canadensis and the white sprays of Parthenium integrifolium, wild quinine. Both are native plants that are blooming now.


Above you see Agastache ‘Tutti Frutti’ and pink Japanese anemones floating in a cloud of Boltonia asters. They come in white, blue, pink, purple, and yellow. They range from 12″ to 6 feet tall. Some start blooming in late August, others don’t even think about opening their flower buds until well into October. You will see us feature many fine aster species and varieties in the weeks to come. They make me smile and say “fall is here”.


Asters with Roses


Asters with Lespedeza and Festuca grass


Aster ‘Marina Wolkonsky’ with Rudbeckia triloba in my garden

Diane and Kassie just visited the Highline in New York city last week and came away so inspired. We still have a small collection of Highline plants left and have just put them on sale for half price. These are the actual varieties Piet Oudolf contracted for. Phase 3 is supposed to be finished and open by the end of the month!


A small section of the Highline last week. Look at all that Amsonia hubrechtii!!!