It’s For the Birds!

It’s For the Birds!


Birds are an important part of my gardens. Last year, I finally got my husband interested in the winter pleasure of feeding the birds. Now he regularly fills the feeders and makes sure the paths are shoveled to them as well.

Surrounding my feeders are shrubs where the birds can perch and hide from predators. Shrub roses, a dwarf tree lilac, and a tall, prickly juniper tree all compliment the feeder habitat. Along the side of my property is an enormous hedge of Norway spruces. All year round the birds live in these tall evergreens. Do you ever wonder where the birds hunker down during rain, snow, and ice storms? They are in the shelter of evergreens or in thickets of native shrubs such as my red twig dogwoods and pussywillows.  I have hedgerows that give me privacy from my neighbors filled with berry bushes such as winterberry, chokeberry (Aronia), and elderberries that feed the birds in different seasons of the year.

We sell wonderful books about how you can create a bird-friendly habitat in your own yard. My favorite isGardening with Birds: How to Create a Bird Friendly Back Yard. We even have children’s coloring books featuring birds that they can paint or color- and learn all about them in the process. Diane wanted me to remind you that chickens are birds too! She now has chickens and loves them. If you are considering raising chickens in your backyard, learn all about it with a very basic, inexpensive book aptly named Raising Chickens.To get your kids involved, we even have an activity book called Chicken Games and Puzzles.


You can always give a Natureworks gift certificate to folks on your list to encourage them to create bird habitats. Gift certificates are available in the store and you can now order gift certificates onlinevia our website- I have been dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century at last! They can use the gift certificate for winter classes to help plan their new gardens or for plants next spring that will feed and shelter the birds for years to come. They can even come in and pick out a bird bath!

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