BOO-ti-ful Bargains!

BOO-ti-ful Bargains!


Dear Nancy,

It’s Halloween week! The fall foliage is simply glorious as are our gardens. Roses, beautyberry, late blooming perennial mums, Gaura, and lots more continue to greet us every day when we arrive at work. This is your LAST CHANCE to save big on outdoor plants. They are HALF PRICE (or in some cases 75% off) through early next week and then they are going to be tucked away for the winter. I just did a tour of our benches and saw lots of great varieties including Japanese anemones, all sorts of threadleaf Coreopsis, asters galore, great ornamental grasses, strawberries and raspberries… you get the picture. All of our roses are now only $5! (That is not a typo – I said all our roses are now $5!) This includes double pink ‘Knock Out’ roses and the super-hardy heirloom climber ‘New Dawn’. All asters, coreopsis, echinaceas, ornamental grasses (including shade grasses), and strawberry plants are 75% off.


Don’t let the forecast for Haloween Scare you. We are having one of those crazy weeks  where it will go from warm to cold and then back to normal again. You will be mighty proud of yourself when you watch all these bargain plants grow and thrive next spring.



NOW is the time to plant your spring blooming bulbs. Our motto here is:

Plant Bulbs Now… Next Spring…WOW!

Here are 10 great reasons why you should plant bulbs in your landscape:

1. Bulbs are easy to plant, especially if you are adding them to already prepared garden beds.
2. Bulbs DOUBLE the color in a small space.
3. Bulbs make great cut flowers. Imagine being able to pick big bouquets of tulips and daffodils from your own gardens!
4. Bulbs are one of the most inexpensive ways toyour gardens.
5. Bulbs are a really fun project to plant with kids.
6. Bulbs make great gifts at this time of year. Going to a 50th birthday party? Bring them 50 bulbs!
7. We have ‘Pink Ribbon’ daffodils. Plant them in honor of someone who has suffered from breast cancer. Not only will they be pretty next April, a percentage of your purchase will go to the Susan B. Komen Foundation.
8. When  you plant bulbs, you just stick them in the ground and walk away. You don’t have to water them or tend them like you do plants.
9. If you plant long-lived perennial bulbs like daffodils, snowdrops, and grape hyacinths, they keep getting better every year.
10. Bulbs are the “bling” in the early spring landscape when most perennials and shrubs haven’t even begun to think about flowering yet.


Kassie is adding lots of new bulbs to our demonstration gardens.

 This Saturday night we turn back our clocks and daylight savings time begins. It will be dark by the time I get home from work- yuck! The days are slowly getting shorter and that means that as gardeners, we need to work hard to keep our spirits up. Enter HOUSEPLANTS! Yes, it’s time to fill your indoor spaces with beautiful plants that will feed your soul when you can’t garden to your heart’s content. We have just restocked our greenhouse with lots of really lovely indoor plants and we have a huge selection of bulbs for forcing including giant Amaryllis bulbs and three varieties of paperwhite narcissus. My staff has started all  kinds of microgreen seeds in the greenhouse. You can see and taste them and learn how to grow your own. Click here to read a great blog post from Hart’s Seed about their Veggie Confetti microgreens blend. They call it “Grow Baby Grow!”.



My garden sickle  makes cutting down large stands of perennials SO easy!

 Saturday morning is our last garden walk of the season. Join me at 9:30 to learn about cutting back your plants, winter protection, and a lot more. Bring your questions- this is your chance! We will also have a FREE tool sharpening clinic from 11-3. We will fire up my dad’s grinding wheel and sharpen any one tool that you bring in. When we did this in the spring we had an overwhelming response and it got a little chaotic. This fall we will be more organized. You can shop while you wait, both indoors and out.

Take advantage of every single nice day to work outside. Breath in the crisp fall air. Let your fall gardening work be your excuse to enjoy this boo-ti-ful season. Stop in this week and take advantage of great bargains, our fabulous bulb selection, pick up a houseplant or two, and explore all of the new merchandise in our shop. I look forward to seeing you…

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P.S. As this email was getting ready to send out, Diane added a bunch of new things to our sale section. I just noticed a new sign that announces all our pumpkins are 50% off. Check the sale box below for the details. It’s SCARY these discount prices. EEKKK!