Bring Beauty to your World

Bring Beauty to your World


Dear Nancy,

November is here and with it comes the mad scramble to finish up our outdoor planting. I spent Monday afternoon planting all of the perennials I had in my “holding area’ and dug the holes for the shrubs. I planted about 100 tulips bulbs and have LOTS more bulbs to go. I really push myself to plant a lot right now as I know how much I will enjoy the fruits of my labors next spring. So what did I do? I waltzed into Natureworks Tuesday morning and bagged up even more bulbs to take home.



We are in the process of a giant transformation in our shop. The remainder of the spring blooming bulbs have been moved to the greenhouse. The ulips are now HALF PRICE and the rest of the bulbs are 25% off. We have an incredible selection of daffodils, Alliums, crocus, snowdrops, and more still available. Take advantage of this sale and get some bulbs in the ground this week.  Why are we moving everything around? You guessed it! To make room for the next phaseof the Natureworks year- the holiday season. Thanksgiving is a mere three weeks away, it’s hard to imagine. Our shipping porch is filled to the ceiling with boxes of new merchandise that need to be displayed inside the shop. It’s so magical to see our store transformed…



Look what we have hanging from the rafters!


November is also the time to plant your garlic crop for next year. Nothing could be easier to do. We just got in our last shipment of organic hard neck seed garlic- when it’s gone, that’s it! Each clove planted now becomes a head of delicious garlic next year. In my own gardens I plant one entire raised bed of garlic to sell at the shop, give as gifts, and EAT! My husband now won’t settle for anything but our own garlic. The stuff you buy in the store can never compare.


This Saturday morning I am giving a FREE workshop on growing microgreens and sprouts. Microgreens are my latest passion. I first learned about them from a friend in the business who started growing and selling them (fresh cut) at her winter farmer’s market. She and her husband began regularly incorporating them into their diet and the resulting health benefits were astounding. They are condensed little packages of high grade nutrients and vitamins AND they taste good. Erich and Jillian planted samples of every kind of microgreen seed we offer and I was surprised to find I love sunflower greens the best. They are yummy! Sprouts have been around forever- I date myself by saying that MY generation was doing it decades ago. But we used to just grow mung beans. Sprouts have come a long way, baby! Fenugreek is one variety that has a very interesting, nutty flavor. Join me Saturday in the greenhouse for this informative talk and demonstration. Learn how easy it is to grow these nutrient rich foods right on your windowsill all winter long.


Last Saturday morning I taught a brave group of bundled up gardeners the process of putting your garden to bed. In case you weren’t able to attend,click here to download the comprehensive handout that I wrote. As I worked in my own gardens on Monday, I contemplated what a gradual process this work is. I cut down some totally brown perennials but found myself engrossed in planting instead of cutting. So much is still blooming and green. I also found myself weeding! I still have a pile of mulch in the driveway, dedicated to the newly cleared areas that are now (hopefully) free of gooseneck loosestrife. All of the new perennials and bulbs that I installed in those beds must be mulched in order to keep the ground warm for the month of November while they root in. It takes many passes at the gardens to put them to bed. I guess I am glad about that. I am not ready to stop hanging out in my beautiful yard, enjoying the bird song and the lingering flowers. Soon enough we will be indoors. Read about some of my favorite indoor plants in the articles the left.


I hope you can visit us this week and check out all of the new and exciting dried flowers, giant Amaryllis bulbs, and our ever-expanding Christmas corner. You will be delighted, I promise you. See you soon…

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