Bringing your Houseplants Indoors

Bringing your Houseplants Indoors


Now that fall has officially arrived, it’s time to start getting your houseplants that have been summering outdoors back into the house for the winter. Our first frost is usually not until the middle of October, but preparing your plants should start now.

First of all, if they are growing in the ground or mixed planters on your deck, you should carefully dig them up and pot them into Organic Mechanics potting soil. I love clay pots because they allow the roots to breathe. Whatever pots you choose, make sure they are washed clean. If they are already in pots, repot them if needed. Any disturbance to the root system can be offset by drenching the soil with Organic Plant Magic which will help new feeder roots grow back quickly.

Trim your plants, removing any broken branches and yellow leaves. You may even want to thin them out a bit in the middle or cut them back a bit as they will have to adjust to lower light levels in your house.

Take your indoor plants to new heights- watch for our Broken Clay Pot workshop later this fall!

Next you want to quarantine them for a couple of weeks and spray them three times with neem or pyrethrum. This is to kill any aphids, white flies, scale, or mealybugs that may be thinking of hitching a ride on your plants and living in your house over the winter. Spraying 3 times, 5 days apart, is the key to not only killing the active pests but also the eggs.

For much more information, download our handout:

The Houseplants That Came in from the Cold.


If you need help repotting, advice, potting soil, organic fertilizer, clay pots, or even a few new houseplants, be sure to stop in. Our store is filling up with new terrarium plants (later this week) and a cool new selection of airplants as I type!