Bulbs for Breast Cancer Fund-Raiser This Weekend!

Bulbs for Breast Cancer Fund-Raiser This Weekend!


Dear Nancy,

Welcome October, one of the prettiest months of the year! I love working outside in my yard right now. The air is so cool, the leaves are starting to turn, the garden is abundant. I hope you too are taking time to “play in the dirt”!


Fall is fun at Natureworks- bring your camera and come play with us!

This weekend is our fifth annual Bulbs for Breast Cancer Fund-Raiser. We have shifted a few things around and have many exciting raffles and events planned for both days. We have invited the Gmonkey vegetarian organic food truck to be here on Saturday. We will provide a comfortable area for you to enjoy your lunch. I am giving two free workshops on bulbs on Saturday morning. The first is a beginner’s workshop explaining the basics followed by a workshop that will focus on designing with bulbs. Learn how to DOUBLE the color in any sized garden with bulbs!

Our Artist’s Fair, featuring many wonderful, local craftspeople, is now scheduled for Sunday from 10-2. I rescheduled that from Saturday in the best interest of our local artists because of the threat of rain.  Raffles and refreshments will also be part of the event on Sunday -a weekend full of fun!

10% of all bulbs sold will go to After the Storm, Inc., a support group for breast cancer survivors. Last year I participated in their Art Bra fashion show- if you have been reading this email for a while, you will surely remember that! I conceived of the Bulbs for Breast Cancer fund-raising event after many of my dearest loved ones suffered from breast cancer. I decided that rather than just having a plain old Autumn Joy fall festival, we would make it count. So buy your bulbs on Saturday or Sunday and help raise a ton of money for this great group.


New this year, we are carrying a small collection of ORGANIC flower bulbs. This is an American grower and the very first U.S.D.A certified organic flower bulbs ever sold in the United States. Organic Gardening magazine featured them in a recent article. Here is the link to read about this company and their organic philosophy.


Last Saturday I gave two workshops on hydrangeas. Many folks who couldn’t get to the first workshop (Hydrangeas Demystified) asked if I could write a column about it this week so I did. Check it out on the left. Above is a closeup of one of the wreaths I made in the second workshop that focused on using dried hydrangeas in wreaths and fall arrangements. Guess what- it came home with me! I was totally inspired to do someserious fall decorating on Sunday. I replanted four of my pots, placed pumpkins all around, and hung up this gorgeous wreath. Be sure to stop by for some all-natural, gorgeous fall decor for your own home. Let’s celebrate this great time of year!


My friend Nancy H. had the same idea as I did on Sunday- she filled her wall basket with lots of colorful fall plants. Let us plant for you and we will clean up the mess


Rabdosia longituba in bloom in a shady spot in my Middletown garden. I was surprised to realize this makes a great cut flower. You should see the arrangements I am placing around the house at this time of year…


So many plants are flowering in my gardens and on our benches in October. I discovered my Rabdosia longituba had opened next to my Aster laevis ‘Bluebird’ over the weekend. Asters truly are the stars of the show right now, simply covered covered with bees of all shapes and sizes. Japanese anemones are also quite amazing, especially in combination with ‘Bluebird’ asters. Can you tell I love this aster variety? Yes, it’s my favorite of the moment and wins that spot every year at this time.


‘Glowing Ember’ Global Warming mum. These are bred in Vermont and are late blooming and totally hardy.  Did I mention that the second year, the plants get so big that you could fill many vases in your house with cut flowers in
late October?
The rest of our super-hardy, perennial mums have arrived, including the Global Warming mums. These are so named because they bloom really late, providing much needed nectar for pollinators. We also have Korean mums, Mammoth mums, and many more varieties that will not only live through any winter that CT can dish out, they will increase in size each year.
Toad lilies look like orchids and are an easy care perennial for the shade garden, blooming now!
In our shade gardens, toad lilies (Tricyrtis) and turtlehead (Chelone) are in their glory. Both are easy to grow and make good cut flowers as well. We even have a new variety of white turtlehead, Chelone glabra ‘Black Ace’, so named because the foliage is a deep maroon all summer long. This grows over four feet tall.
Kirengeshoma in our shade garden
Replant all of your containers with fresh color for the fall. We have an interesting selection of happy, healthy plants to choose from!
We’ve got pumpkins of all sorts, four kinds of cover crop seeds, a new supply of air plants and terrarium plants, bulb fertilizer, Repellex systemic to protect your bulbs…so much is happening at Natureworks this week. Your fall landscape could be FULL of color. Come see what I mean by strolling our gardens and soaking up the beauty.
See you soon…
Screen shot 2014-09-18 at 12.29.22 PM
P.S. A new crop of organic hard neck seed garlic has just arrived-three varieties. Garlic is a bulb and purchasing it this weekend will also contribute to our fund-raiser. last year we sold out by late October, don’t wait.