Bulbs we Love…

Bulbs we Love…


This is a picture of an exciting new snow crocus named ‘Orange Monarch’. Snow or species crocus are bunchflowering and bloom a few weeks before the common larger flowering crocus types. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to have finally gotten my hands on this unusual, rare bulb. I bought four boxes, but they are already being snagged by our customers who seem to be able to spot the cool stuff in a heartbeat!


Do you see holes like this in your garden beds? I took this picture on Tuesday at Natureworks. It is probably our resident chipmunks hard at work, but it could be voles. This kind of digging can destroy a bulb planting quickly. We now have a solution!

A few weeks ago I got a chance to talk in depth to the creator of Repellex Systemic.  This granular material is taken up into the plant and makes it taste like hot pepper.  It is safe and all natural, but of course, you don’t want to use it on your food crops as they will taste hot!  This product is taken into the plant when it is actively growing. When you plant bulbs now, they immediately start growing roots. As it takes 2-3 weeks for this product to take effect, they won’t be protected at the beginning. But after that, they WILL be protected from voles. Next spring, reapply Repellex Systemic when the bulb foliage starts to emerge. One application will protect the bulbs for 3 months, plenty of time for them to bloom and grow leaves and go dormant. Did I mention this will also protect your spring blooming bulbs from deer???


In order to protect your bulbs for the first few weeks,  use Repellex granular in the planting hole or sprinkle a bit into the top of the soil.

Deer resistant and vole resistant bulbs include:
Eranthis (winter aconite)

and yes, we have plenty!