Counting Down the Days…

Counting Down the Days…

The flower show is behind us and now we are in the official countdown to the day that Natureworks opens for the season: March 20th, the first day of spring!  Meanwhile, we are only 9 days away from Have a Happy Habitat Day and we are SO excited. We returned from the flower show to a giant pile of class signups. Have you registered yet?
Last night, while watching the sunset, my mind was racing. I am giving the opening workshop on March 9th and it’s called Designing a Happy Habitat. I couldn’t help myself. I grabbed a piece of paper and started jotting down new ideas that I had gleaned from the talks I attended at the flower show and the conversations I had shared with fellow gardeners.

This all-day event a week from Saturday is going to be jam packed full of information and ideas that can be applied to any size yard.  EVERY yard can be a Happy Habitat. EVERY yard can put out the welcome mat for pollinators, beneficial insects, butterflies, toads, birds, and ALL the creatures that make up the ecosystem surrounding us. Even the soil is a habitat. 

Years ago, I gave a keynote speech entitled “We Are All Weavers of Our Own Web of Life”.  That is a powerful statement. If you want to learn how to grow or enhance your OWN Happy Habitat,click here and register for our March 9th workshop today. 

Register today for our Dahlia Workshop
That’s not all that’s happening. We have just put our late March and April events being held at Natureworks up on the website

Registration is now open for our  
Lettuce and Alyssum Bowl Workshop 

and are starting to take registrations. Seed starting, growing dahlias,  planting lettuce and alyssum bowls, and our first garden walk of the season are all on the calendar. These workshops will be held here in our greenhouse, teaching tent, or our demonstration gardens. If you have visited Natureworks, you know that SPACE IS LIMITED, so if you want to sign up, you should do so really soon. These events are listed below or click here to go directly to the website and register online. 


If you are thinking of starting seeds indoors, make sure you check out our handout Vegetable Crop Timing that can be found on our website. Click here to read it. It is WAY too early to start warm season crops (tomatoes, peppers, eggplants) indoors unless you have a really good light setup and can stop them from stretching. I usually start mine in late March, following the Gardening by the Moon calendar. You can start some cold crops now such as broccoli or cabbage. But if you aren’t organized for that project, don’t worry, we will have plenty of organic cool season veggie seedlings in April. 


When we open on the first day of spring, we will be fully stocked with seeds, organic seed starting soil, heat mats, trays, organic seedling fertilizer, labels… everything you will need. The MOST important thing we will be offering is information and advice! As Natureworkers, we all grow our own veggies, herbs, and flowers in our home gardens. We LOVE to share our knowledge with you. 
Do you ever wonder how our gardening crews create such gorgeous gardens? Finally we are offering a class sharing our methods with you!


When you download the class brochure, you will see that there are four additional classes being offered at the Zion Episcopal Church in March and early April.  On Saturday, March 23rd, I am super-psyched that Lisa Elder, Senior Crew Leader of one of our Natureworks gardening teams, is teaching Garden Maintenance throughout the Growing Season the Natureworks Way. We’re talking organic soil management, pinching and cutting back plants for extended bloom, a holistic approach to pests, identifying and managing weeds, and so much more. If you spoke to any of Lisa’s garden clients, they would gush about how well tended their gardens are. Learn from the best. If you are a Certified NOFA Organic Landcare Professional, you can get re-certification credits for this and all of the Natureworks classes we are offering this winter and early spring at the church. On March 23rd, bring a bagged lunch and stay for my afternoon sessionOvercoming your Fear of Pruning. I promise you will walk out of the class raring to go home and prune your shrubs. I LOVE to teach pruning!

I will be teaching pruning on April 6th. Don’t miss this, I only offer this class once a year
On Saturday, April 6th, I will be teaching an in-depth class about growing your own food: Month by Month in the Food Gardenwill explain succession cropping, rotation, planning your garden on paper, cool season crops, fall crops, and planting in containers. Bring a bagged lunch and stay for a wonderful afternoon workshop- Raised Bed Gardening. I am so thrilled that my friend and garden buddy Sue Lavallee is going to be our guest. She is a wealth of information and experience. Don’t miss this!
Raised Bed Gardening class April 6th




As you can see, we are really gearing up for spring. Have you noticed the days are getting longer? Bird song is starting to

Very soon my Iris reticulata bulbs will be blooming on the south side of my house.

return to the yard. Witch hazels and snowdrops and pussywillows are in bloom. I even see the noses of my Iris reticulata bulbs poking up on the south side of my house. March can be a long, frustrating month. Don’t let it get to you. Take classes. Plan your gardens. Dream of new projects and new plants you are going to grow this year. Stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram feeds for daily inspiration. And keep the faith- Natureworks opens in 21 days, on the first day of spring, and it is going to be a FABULOUS growing season. 

See you soon….