Dear Mother Nature…

Dear Mother Nature…

I love to write. Lately I’ve had lots of time to write because I have been cooped up at home during GIANT SNOWSTORMS! So I decided to write this letter…


Dear Mother Nature,

We are NOT amused. It’s March, and I know that March is a tease, March can be a bit crazy, but this is RIDICULOUS! Three Nor’Easters in a row! Haven’t you

noticed the snowdrops, the Hellebores, the witch hazels? What about all the broken branches on the shrubs and trees. Why, some of my shrubs are headed to the great compost pile in the sky because of your antics.


Okay, I will get to the point. The first day of spring is less than a week away. We have peas to plant. Pansies to buy. We need to get outside, every day, and work in our gardens. 


Please get with the program, stop this nonsense, and bring on the spring the way it’s supposed to be. We will reward you with a world filled with blossoms and beauty. You will love it.


Sincerely yours,



There. I feel better now. And just to be sure we are on the same page, I am NOT going to put a single picture in this email showing you how beautiful the world looks covered with snow, nor am I going to break your heart with pictures of my demolished shrubs. That’s not what we are doing here. We are going to talk about SPRING! 

First of all, Natureworks opens this Tuesday, March 20th, the first day of spring. No matter what it looks like outside, it will be spring inside our shop and greenhouse. There will be pansies, there will be flowering plants, there will be pretty pottery and wonderful new books to explore. Our seed racks will finally be home for good, after traveling from conference to

conference all winter. They will be stocked and ready. Yes, we will have peas, and you WILL be planting peas (and perhaps even sweet peas), as soon as the ground is visible. We will have all kinds of poppy seeds, and the snowy weeks will assure that the ground will stay nice and cold for sowing (as soon as it reveals itself). We will be making Easter basket gardens- BOY will we be making them, and they will melt your heart. We will have organic seed starting supplies galore including the VERY necessary soil thermometer to keep you on track. 

While you patiently await that day, I invite you to check out our newly hatched    April Calendar of Events, click here. In it you will find a lot of wonderful workshops that will be held at Natureworks, including Lettuce and Alyssum BowlsGet a Head Start on Dahlias, and Grow Food! You can register on-line but don’t wait. Our two seed starting workshops on March 24th are FULL. Our classes are small and they fill up fast. The April Calendar also announces our very first garden walk of the season, our Earth Day celebration, and a workshop to teach you how to Get Ready for the Hummingbirds who will be heading our way in early May. And yes, we will be starting up our Thursday afternoon Facebook Live videos again. 

If you can’t wait until Tuesday to get your spring juices flowing, you can join us this Saturday at the Master Gardeners Symposium. This is going to be an AWESOME

event and walk-ins are welcome. Thomas Rainer, the co-author of Planting in a Post Wild World AND Rick Darke, co-author of The Living Landscape, are going to be the keynotes. Yours truly will be speaking on The Butterfly Connection, a brand new workshop I have created. There will be vendor booths (including Natureworks, of course), and lots of folks selling Hellebores and other gorgeous plants. The silent auction is always wonderful and there will be all sorts of gardening information to soak up. It’s at CT College, a wonderful place to visit, home of a truly great arboretum with some fabulous plant collections. I can’t believe that the sessions on which native cultivars offer the most to our native pollinators aren’t filled up yet! Neither is Ellen Ecker Ogden’s workshop on The Art of Growing Food. It would be WAY better to attend this all-day conference than to sit home and mope about the snow. 

We’ve been getting all sorts of questions about sowing poppy seeds so I wrote an

informational article all about it (see below). Speaking of seeds, late March is the ideal time to start your warm season crops such as tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants. Yes, we have lots of very cool varieties of all of those plants. Don’t forget my motto: Every year, try one new thing! Actually, I usually experiment with many new plants from seed and I have discovered many treasured plants that way.


Iceland poppies are growing through a ground covering sea of Veronica ‘Georgia Blue’.
Finally, we are starting a new campaign to make your yard more sustainable. It’s called MORE PLANTS, LESS MULCH! Last Saturday at our Grow a Healthy Yard workshop, I got a room full of people so excited as I explained this new way of layering your plants and reducing weeds and mulching chores. Each week this spring we will feature a new ground cover. This week I will explain how it works (see the second article below). And yes, we will have a well-stocked ground cover department in our nursery, and we’re NOT talking about pachysandra and myrtle! 
Keep the faith, sit in front of a warm fire with a cup of tea, and study up on the many ways you can create a better garden in 2018. We will be there by your side every step of the way. Whether you are a total beginner or an old hand at this, there is always something new to learn and explore. Natureworks is celebrating 35 yearsof exploring and caring for the natural world. Won’t you join us on our journey?