Dear Mother Nature…

Dear Mother Nature…

At the start of every week (actually, usually on my day off on Sunday) I begin thinking about what I am going to write in this week’s email. Often I have a chat with Diane St. John, photographer extraordinaire and retail shop manager. Then, on Tuesday mornings, I sit down and write to you. This week it was hard

Hyacinths, magnolias, and Narcissus in my home this week make me smile.

to imagine what to write after going outside in 30 mile per hour winds and wrapping my peach tree with every spare sheet and piece of burlap I could find, then doing the same to my young magnolia tree. The snow and ice on Mondaycertainly didn’t help the situation. So, I decided to pen this letter on behalf of all of the customers and staff of Natureworks…


Dear Mother Nature,
We are NOT amused. Is this some kind of a belated April Fool’s joke that you insist on playing on all of us dedicated gardeners?  For the entire month of March, when, by the way, you
usually play these kinds of tricks,you gave us warm, lovely temperatures. Your plants responded and brought forth their buds, leaves, flowers. I am sure you heard us celebrating theearly blossoming of the daffodils. Easter was wonderful, a classic. Thanks for that. The buds on the maple trees made me gasp in delight as they glowed red in the sunset last week. My wildflowers were up, some even beginning to bloom. My daily stroll through the garden was one of pure delight and anticipation.
     Now what? Snow, ice, and temperatures in the teens and twenties right through until next week. Really? Do you know what that means for us gardeners? Our plans to plant our early crops like lettuces and spinach seedlings will have to wait. If we already planted our peas, we may have toplant them again. As employees of Natureworks, we have to tell you that we have moved and covered our plants so many times that we have lost count. Finally we have stored them on wagons in every shed and outbuilding we have until you decide to STOP this nonsense. We are running aBUSINESS here! Our paychecks depend on it.

Just like the rest of the population, our new line of Carruth Studio statuary expresses varied opinions about the weather.
     And our poor customers. They are calling and emailing, confused and worried. We don’t really have good answers except “wait” and “I’ve never seen a spring yet that didn’t finally arrive.”. I admit that I am looking out the window at the baby leaves that had already emerged on my ancient lilac and trying to tell if they are frozen or if they will survive. Have mercy!

    All of us who work and shop at Natureworks are totally dedicated to caring for the earth using organic methods. We care deeply about the trees, the flowers, the birds, the pollinators, all creatures that share our yards with us. Cut us some slack and let us go about our mission of Gardening with a Purpose.

Sincerely yours,

Nancy and the staff and customers of Natureworks