Deck the Halls with our wonderful ROPING

Deck the Halls with our wonderful ROPING


Last weekend we had a couple drive over an hour to buy roping from Natureworks. They did so because we have quality roping that we DIP in WiltPruf. This makes it last so much longer.

Another name for roping is garland. It is used to decorate lampposts, mantles, and drape around door frames.  We sell our roping by the yard and cut it to length for you. A general rule of thumb is to increase the length you need by 1/3 if you are going to swag or drape it.


When you visit Natureworks you will see an example of our embellished roping surrounding the door of our main entrance. We take basic white pine roping and add unusual evergreens, cones, and berries. We can customize roping to fit your decor. Be sure to ask one of our design staff to assist you if you want to add a bit of “bling” to your roping this year.