We Definitely PLAY (hint hint) while the Boss is Away!

We Definitely PLAY (hint hint) while the Boss is Away!


Dear Nancy,

Hello to all our wonderful customers! It’s Diane St John, Natureworks store manager here…

Nancy has passed the torch to me this week and I have the absolute pleasure of writing this weeks email newsletter! As you know, I have enormous shoes to fill but I am feeling confident I can provide an inspirational, informational email. AND you know what we do when the boss is away–We Play! (which is code for we put A LOT of items on sale for prices we would get in trouble for if she was here in CT!) See below for all the surprises we Natureworkers have in store for you.

Labor Day has come and gone, the kids are back in school and fall is on the way. We LOVE fall. Why? Fall is for Planting! Nancy explains this every year but maybe you would like a little more information. Let me explain. In fall, the warm soil really encourages root growth. The roots continue to grow until the time the ground freezes. The rain is more frequent and you water less. In early spring, root growth continues as the plants leaf out. A shrub or perennial planted in fall gets settled in, then come spring it really takes off. When summer arrives, the fall planted plants are on their way to being well established and therefore need less care and they deal with summer heat and stress better. In short, a plant put in in fall spends its energy on root growth, not top growth.

Another advantage is plant selection! At this time of year you can see where you need to spruce up the late summer/fall garden. As usual, we have restocked our benches this week with beautiful perennials that bloom from now through mid-November, possibly longer depending on our season. As seen in the top photo, we have perennials that complement each other well and we are here to help you choose the ones for your particular site.


Nancy of course ordered MORE plants before she left for her vacation on Saturday which will have arrived by the time this email is delivered to your inbox.  One of our favorite fall plants this year are the hardy Mums called Mammoth Mums (lavender shown above and yellow shown below).


These plants start small, but in 2 or 3 seasons become 3′ wide plants smothered with beautiful daisy-like flowers.

A specialty of ours is changing up your spring and summer annual containers to fall containers. We have set up a Design Station this year and would love to help you custom plant your containers! We have stocked our annual section full of long blooming annuals (such as pansies, grasses, mums, Verbena, kale, sunflowers and more) and small size perennials to fill in and provide leaf color and texture (such as Heucheras of many colors, Sedum, Nepeta, asters, montauk daisies, Anemonies, Hostas and ferns). The small sized perennials can be transplanted into the garden and will come back next season as the full size plants they actually are!


Here is our designer Amber ready to plant FOR YOU or help you choose plants to make your containers amazing. We also welcome you to come plant a container on your own and leave the mess for us to clean up! No appointment necessary-just come on in and bring a pot you already have or choose one of ours. Bring a friend and share a good time planting up together. We also welcome phone orders.

Why do we want to keep adding plants into our gardens for fall? I do it for the following reasons. It makes me happy being out in the garden surrounded by beautiful flowers, it’s so relaxing and peaceful. I also do it for these guys…


A Fritillary visiting a butterfly bush.
The butterflies, the bees and the birds and all the wildlife we live with need our gardens. I consider my garden a safe, pesticide free haven for them to live in and visit. My lawn and gardens are 100% organic and are visited by all types of critters-and I love seeing them and knowing they are there. My children love it too and it gets them away from their computers and electronic games and out into our patch of nature to experience something real. Unknowingly they are becoming the next generation of organic land stewards. They care about the critters they see and will protect them always and that makes me happy and keeps me planting!
We hope to see you soon! Be sure to read below for the secret “Boss is Away” Super Sale!
-Diane and all of us at Natureworks