Fabulous Plants for My Fall Garden, continued.

Fabulous Plants for My Fall Garden, continued.


‘Mei-Kyo’ perennial mum

In my quest to make you fall in love with your fall garden, I have been describing plants that I am going to be bringing home and planting in my own yard this fall.

I have already listed 8 plants. Here are a couple more. What are you adding to your fall garden???

If you missed the first six, click here to catch up. You can see the seventh and eighth by clicking here.


9.  By the end of October, most of us can’t list more than a few plants that are flowering in our gardens. Enter Dendranthema’Mei-Kyo’. This is an heirloom perennial chrysanthemum that STARTS to flower around Halloween and continues well into November. It has purple button flowers with yellow centers. Because it is very compact growing, it never needs pinching. We have had a large clump of this super hardy Korean mum in our gardens for almost 20 years and it is still going strong. I need all the late color I can get in my home gardens; I am going to pair it with white Allium thunbergii ‘Ozowa’, a November blooming dwarf Allium. Imagine that!


10.  Another October bloomer that I am missing in my borders is the willowleaf sunflower-Helianthus salicifolius. Shown above is the variety ‘First Light’ which starts flowering in the middle of October and continues for many weeks. It is also called the “rosemary leaf sunflower” because the foliage is thin and linear. This is going in my main border, opposite my design studio. By October, a lot of the Echinaceas and other perennials are done. It will be the perfect foil for the deep coral Persicaria ‘Firetail’ which will still be blooming at that time.