Fabulous Plants for My Fall Garden, continued.

Fabulous Plants for My Fall Garden, continued.

Last week I listed 6 plants that will improve my garden. Those are plants I will add to my garden this month. If you missed the first six, click hereto catch up. September is a great month to look at your garden, identify gaps and choose plants to fill those gaps. I’m continuing my list this week.


7.  In my lower back yard, deer are abundant and I can’t protect the plants properly. I have lots of holes in those beds as they are recently installed  with lots of space in between the plants. This is where I intend to plant some of the new St. Johnswort varieties. They all have upright stems that reach 2-3′, yellow flowers with the cutest protruding stamens, and then colorful berries that are ideal for fall pumpkin arrangements.


Anything that I can cut and use for decorating fits the criteria for my yard.


8. Rudbeckia subtomentosa ‘Henry Eilers’ is also coming home with me. It grows 4-5′ tall and can easily compete with my giant stands of blue perennial ageratum that fill my beds at this time of year. Both make excellent cut flowers. As the light levels lessen, I NEED flowers in the house constantly.