Fabulous Plants for My Fall Garden

Fabulous Plants for My Fall Garden


Echinacea ‘Julia’ 

I just can’t help it, when September rolls around I am suddenly filled with gardening fever once again. I look around my yard and constantly think: “what can I add next?”. This has resulted in a gradual building of wonderful gardens that give me so much joy. I feel that early September is the perfect time for 20/20 hindsight. You can see what is working, where your gaps are, and what you need to do to improve. It’s time for me to get to work. This is my plan:

1. I must have a Lespedeza. This shrub hasenchanted me for years. It is in the pea family and very soft and airy. I finally figured out where it will go-it’s coming home with me this week!


Lespedeza ‘Gibraltar’ 

2. Chrysopsis villosais a yellow aster that is very hardy and durable. I have seen this plant sit in a potbound container for many months on our benches and still look fresh as… a yellow daisy! I have so many purple and burgundy red flowers right now, yellow is just what I need to perk things up


Chrysopsis villosais

3. When I was in Chicago I discovered Vitex negundo. This is a cutleaf variety of chasteberry. Any plant that will LOVE hot weather and doesn’t ask to be watered all the time is a winner in my book.


Vitex negundo

4. Gentian ‘True Blue’ is a must-have. I am going to locate it next to a fabulous stand of orange butterfly weed that is still blooming. Around the corner, that bed is partially shaded, perfect for this brilliant blue flower. I plan on adding more Ceratostigma at the base to carry out the blue a bit further down the path.


Gentian ‘True Blue’

5. Echinacea ‘Julia’, shown above, is just stunning. This is the second year that I have come to realize what a superior variety this is. ‘Julia’ will take her place on the other side of the orange butterfly weed, in full sun, behind the catmint which is reblooming beautifully again after a hard July cut back.


Echinacea ‘Julia’

6.  Scutellaria incana is a native plant that I have grown in the past but I forgot all about it until I went to visit my design assistant Rebecca last month. She had masses of it in her front beds. This self sows and adds such a beautiful blue color to the late summer and early fall garden. It grows 2-3′ tall and is very hardy, to zone 3.


Scutellaria incana

Oh my goodness, I could go on and on. I have a few large plants to move (with the help of my crew). I plan to rip out some of the original shrubs that came with my yard and replace them with native shrubs for the birds.  There are daylilies to divide, plants to rearrange… but that’s for another week. What are YOU planting in YOUR garden this month?