Fall Festival of Flowers!

Fall Festival of Flowers!

I was talking with Diane the other day, and we were trying to put our finger on just what is so different about Natureworks at this time of year. Basically, we have tons and tons of really amazing fall blooming perennials. Yes, we decorate with “annual” mums but our main focus is hardy perennials that will continue to grow in your garden for years to come.


Chrysopsis mariana is a fabulous yellow aster relative, very long blooming and hardy.

We’re talking about over 15 types of hardy asters, from tall to short, blooming anywhere from early September to late October blooming. The PERENNIAL mums are starting to arrive, including gorgeous ‘Cambodian Queen’, which makes such a great cut flower in October.


‘Cambodian Queen’ perennial mums have arrived. These are true, hardy perennials that will provide you with armloads of cut flowers in October. My plant tripled in size from last year.

Eupatoriums galore, loads of toad lilies (Tricyrtis), Vernonia ‘Iron Butterfly’… did you even know there were so many different perennials for September and October? We have three large shipments of fall bloomers arriving this week, including more fresh cool season annuals. What’s blooming in YOUR September garden?


Perennial begonias are ideal shade plants for September. We have them in pink and white.

Fall officially begins next Wednesday, September 23rd. But it sure feels like fall this week. When I wake up early in the morning there is a chill in the air. The soft mists hang in the hills as I drive to work at 6:30 am. The colors are brighter, the days are shorter, and there are occasional hints of fall color in the leaves. It is the PERFECT time to plant. The rain storms we had last week were just what the doctor ordered. The soil is warm and it is moist. You put a plant in the ground now and the ROOTS grow. That is the key to fall planting, it’s all about a well established, vigorous root system.

This is what we’re talking about! Diane reseeded her lawn last fall and this is what it looked like this spring. Organic, green, lush, healthy. Yes!

It is TIME to reseed your lawn. Crabgrass is an annual and it will soon start to die. If you seed in between it NOW, the lawn grass seed will become established and be able to out-compete the weeds next year. As Diane puts it “You need to put seed down in any and every bare spot or weeds will grow there next spring.” We carry two types of grass seed mixes. Eco-Lawn and our own Natureworks custom blend of the tall fescues recommended by UConn. We have topsoil, compost, shredded straw, dolomitic and high calcium lime (a soil test will tell you which you need), organic fertilizers – everything you need to do this important fall renovation work. Even the early morning dew that results from cool nights helps newly planted grass seed establish. Even if you aren’t reseeding, you should surely feed your lawn to build up a strong root system going into the winter. Most people assume spring is the best time to renovate and care for your lawn. No, it’s the SECOND best time. Fall is best.

My garden is looking much better now that we had some good, soaking rains. So many of the plants I am enjoying right now were planted in the fall over the past few years. I have a renewed energy to dig into the earth when the air is cooler. I bet you do too. I hope you can treat yourself to a visit to Natureworks this week. We can tell that you are glad that we are open on Sundays from 10-4, we were super busy last Sunday, our first one open in September. We believe that we have CT’s best selection of fall blooming annuals and perennials. Come by and see for yourself just how wonderful this “second season” for planting can be.

I’ll see you soon…