A Funky, Fragrant Shrub for Fall!

A Funky, Fragrant Shrub for Fall!


Many years ago I participated in a standard flower show put on by The Branford Garden Club. It took place in the fall and I fell in love with a flowering shrub specimen in the horticulture division that was new to me.


Clereodendron trichotomum is a hardy, late summer flowering shrub that has white fragrant flowers. I have seen it grow north of Hartford in partial shade; mine is growing in my sunny courtyard. It can grow 10-15′ tall but because it blooms on new wood, it is easily pruned each spring to keep it much smaller. It spreads by suckering, gradually forming a nice colony. The flowers are nice but it’s the BERRIES that are amazing- they are BLUE!

If you want something truly unusual, give the Glory Bower shrub a try