Grow Organic Kids



Grow Organic Kids logoThroughout the growing season we offer Grow Organic Kids and Teens workshops. Who are GO Kids and GO Teens? They don’t refer to an official club or anything like that. It’s a term we use to entice youngsters to play in the garden and have fun with it. Sometimes an age limit or range is specified for an event. If not, a youngster of any age is invited to participate if registered. A parent/guardian must accompany the child. To see what’s new, please view our Events page.

In our retail shop we have kids tools and gloves as well as books which will show them the beauty of nature. Our Kid’s Demonstration Garden will draw them into the garden to experience its wonders.

Natureworks is an organic oasis. We raise monarchs and other butterflies in the summer months. Children find special delight in participating in our monarch butterfly releases in the afternoons in late summer and early fall. We always have something to see that kids find fascinating, from bad bugs on a jar in the counter to a cage of butterfly chrysalises to examine and explore.


Look mom, they’re hatching!!!!!
Praying mantis hatching from their egg casing and nearly ready to be released into the garden  reveal the wonders of nature up close and personal.