Indoor Gardening

Broken Clay Pot Garden

Our designer Amber created a cute miniature garden out of this broken clay pot.

One of our very favorite gardening activities over the recent years has been miniature and fairy gardening. We have created many miniature gardens into our outdoor gardens for the fairies. (and we know they are there!) We create miniature terrarium gardens inside our shop not only for sale but for inspiration to help guide you to create your own masterpiece.

We offer many modern houseplant options including succulents, air plants, pretty pots, macramé hangers, decorative mosses, and Organic Mechanics potting soil. Indoor plants clean the air and make you happy!




At Natureworks we use unusual containers for miniature gardens.

Here are some unique succulent creations.


Let’s Get Creative. . . . .

Clay pot planter

What would you add to YOUR broken clay planter to make it more “you”?

We used an old crate to create this miniature chicken and vegetable garden.

Miniature fairy garden

Another use for a broken pot–make a walkway! We created this miniature fairy garden within our gardens.

Miniature Fairy Gardening

A miniature garden arbor and walkway make a cute setting for your fairies.

Miniature Fairy Gardening

A wonderful customer brought us this old table and we turned it into a magical miniature fairy garden!

Terrarium with miniature furniture

Miniature gardens are perfect terrariums.

Miniature Fairy Gardening

We used the Miniature Garden Birders Cottage with miniature plants and pots in a hanging planter to create this cute mini world.