Products we sell

Natureworks is a retail garden center and landscape design and maintenance company. To help you with your gardening endeavors, we sell many earth-friendly garden related items at our Northford, CT shop.Natureworks Gift Certificates

We accept on-line payments for a few specific items such as GIFT CERTIFICATES, CLASSES, SUCCESSION OF BLOOM BOOKS and some EVENTS and WORKSHOPS.


Below you will find a sampling of the many products we sell at our garden center in Northford, Ct. You can learn more by clicking on the link that follows the items listed. We hope you can come and visit us.




Perennials, Shrubs & Trees, Annuals and Bulbs (LEARN MORE)





Bagged compost, mulch, soil, amendments and pest control products (LEARN MORE)




Edibles including vegetable seedlings, berry plants and herbs (LEARN MORE)




Flower,  vegetable, grass seed and seed starting supplies too (LEARN MORE)



Hand tools and Garden tools





We acquire unusual wooden furniture, tables, frames and other items when we find them. Stop in to see what is currently for sale.  Some of the items are made from reclaimed wood.




In addition to the items mentioned above, we sell earth friendly products that make a thoughtful gift providing memories for years to come. An ever expanding section filled with candles, jewelry, soaps (just to name a few) are offered to you from local vendors and other small businesses we believe in.



Natureworks offers organic and ecologically friendly products, services, and information to our customers. We are deeply committed to education in all we do. We beautify our surroundings with colorful, creative designs and cutting edge plant material. We proudly provide fair living wages and benefits to our employees, and constantly strive to further their knowledge of plants, design and organic practices. We are a stable, financial entity working to strengthen and build our local economy.