We carry Organic and Eco Grown seed garlic, and we recommend planting during the
second or third week of November with a pinch of Pro Gro fertilizer. Mulch with our Mainely Mulch
straw once the ground freezes.


We stock the following hard neck garlic varieties:

Georgian Fire
Russian Red
Czech Red


Winter is for microgreens and smoothie mixes! At Natureworks, we put our spring seed-starting supplies to work growing nutrient-packed greens all winter.


We stock the following seed blends:

Sunflower Shoots
Pea Shoots
Jazzy mix
Italian microgreens
Smoothie blend
Superfoods baby leaves
Basil blend
Cat grass!


How to grow microgreens:

1. Fill seed-starting cells with soil
2. Sprinkle seeds over soil, close together for microgreens, further apart for baby leaf greens
3. Cover seeds with a thin layer of soil
4. Use a mister to keep soil surface moist
5. When plants appear, bottom-water occasionally, enough to keep the soil as moist as a
wrung-out sponge.
6. When plants have their first “true” leaves (about 2-3 weeks after sowing), cut them at the
base with scissors. They will not grow back, but you can reseed multiple times into the same

Check out our video tutorial below:

If you’re looking for a gift for the veggie gardener in your life, the Gardening by the Moon
calendar is a great choice. It tells you what to do month by month in the garden, and takes the
guesswork out of when to seed plant and harvest.


Starting in Spring, you can count on Natureworks for organically grown vegetable seedlings. In April, gorgeous flats of broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts, lettuces and other cool crops fill our benches. In the warmer season, we carry an enormous variety of organically grown tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, herbs and more. 

We love to stock unusual vegetable plants and herbs you can’t find anywhere else. We carry ginger, edible flowers, tumeric, husk cherries, and okra, just to name a few. 

We’re major fruit lovers and always have an assortment of blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, figs, elderberries and more for a variety of growing conditions (small and large)! 


Click here to learn more about Vegetable Crop Timing.   More handouts can be found on our handouts web page, hop to it by clicking here.  If you like to learn by videos, many of our videos are short, just two or three minutes long, but you’ll learn so much. Here is the veggie playlist page showing the titles of the video clips we think you’ll enjoy,  CLICK HERE. There is no log in or registration required to view our YouTube videos.

Onions grown in a raised bed, harvested in August.

In August our onions are ready to harvest.

At Natureworks, we sell the organic fertilizers that we use and believe in.  You can find more about the products we offer on our Organic products page, please click here.

If you need tomato cages for your tomato plants, during the planting season, we have them too.