Veggies at Natureworks

Upcoming Dates

Seedy Sunday: February 9th 2020


We open for one day in winter for seeds and seed supplies. We will have hundreds of varieties of flower and vegetable seeds, from classics to unique varieties, and seed starting supplies. Expert vegetable growers are on hand to answer questions and give tips.


The CT Flower Show: February 20th-23rd 2020


We will have a wide variety of seeds, plants, gifts, and more. Our very own Nancy Dubrule-Clemente and Diane St. John will both be speaking on Saturday.


Opening Day 2020: Friday March 20th


We will have hundreds of varieties in stock, but here are some that we are excited about:

Glass Gem Corn: 2020 is the year of the corn, and after hearing a piece about Glass Gem on the radio, we had to get it.

Cucamelon: We had lots of requests for this little cucumber last year, so we made sure to get it for 2020.

Phaecelia: Also called Bee’s Friend for the abundance of food it provides pollinators.

Native Meadow Flowers and grasses: We are excited by the idea of planting native, and we are making it easy to combine your own meadow mix with our individual seed packets, including Lupine, Liatris, Aster, and more.

Potatoes: We get a variety of seed potatoes for this easy, productive crop.

Spicy Mustard: This purple-hued green is easy to grow and packs serious spice into salads. Cooking mellows the flavor.

Poppies: We get every variety available for a huge selection. Scatter seeds late winter and early spring.

Orach: After trying this unique green in the spring, we were hooked. It has the flavor and tenderness of spinach with a mild
hint of chard.

Black Kat Pumpkin: We were so excited about this introduction from New England Seed. It’s a truly black pumpkin for eating
and decorating. Best of all, it grows in a bushy shape and can be grown in a pot.

Come by to see our full variety.