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Q.  What planting zone is Connecticut?

A.  Natureworks is in zone 6b -5 to 0 (F), -20.6 to -17.8 (C). Depending on where you live in Connecticut, you might live in zone 5b, 6a, 6b or 7a. The USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map bases their information on average annual extreme minimum temperature 1976-2005. You can type your zip code into their on-line web page, it’s easy http://planthardiness.ars.usda.gov

Q.  I hear your Magic Formula fertilizer blend is fantastic. Can you tell me how to make it?

A.  First, test your soil to see what’s going on. Stop into Natureworks for the details on our high end soil testing program or consider the soil testing links below. You can get a free and very basic test at the CT Agricultural Experiment Station and a more detailed test for $8 from the UConn Soil Nutrient Laboratory.

OUR MAGIC FORMULA TO FEED THE GARDEN: Fill a large wheelbarrow with compost (if you don’t make your own, use three 40-50 lb bags). Add 8-10 shovels full of Pro-Gro organic fertilizer (5-3-4). If your soil test indicates that you are very low in phosphorus, add extra rock phosphate. If you are very low in potassium, add extra greensand. Mix this up well with your shovel. Add 1-3” of this mixture around the crowns of your perennials. Add 3-4 shovels full to the base of each rose and butterfly bush. Be sure to generously top dress shade gardens that have tree root competition.

Avoid over-fertilizing or adding lots of compost to lean feeders such as sedums, yarrows, dianthus, Russian sage, lavender, and catmint. If these are grown in soil that is too rich, they will be floppy. Our handout Feeding your Garden has all the details

Here are some links you may find helpful:
–Natureworks handout Feeding the Garden
–Natureworks handout The Basics of Soil Test Interpretation
–Soil testing CT Agricultural Experiment Station Soil Testing
–Soil testing UConn Soil Nutrient Analysis Laboratory

Q.  Is Natureworks licensed in Connecticut? 

A. Yes, Natureworks has a Connecticut Home Improvement License #0569208. We also have a pesticide application license registered with the State of Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection (DEEP), Business Reg. #B 3307, this means we can apply organic pesticides to your gardens if they need it.

Q.  I heard that Natureworks has a great Christmas shop, do you sell Christmas trees? 

A.  Yes, we sell cut Christmas trees as well as potted Christmas trees. The cut trees are premium Fir trees grown right here in Connecticut. We stay open through December 23rd and then close the retail shop for the winter. Natureworks re-opens every year in March on the first day of Spring.

Q.  Your mobile app is great for someone with a smart phone or tablet, but I don’t use one.  Can I get the same benefits?

A.  You can get the same check-in rewards by asking us for a punch card.  When you come to Natureworks, talk to us about it and we’ll issue you a punch card so you can start earning check-in rewards.

Q.  I have a comment I’d like to share with Natureworks but I’m not sure who to tell. How should I go about that?

A.  We LOVE to hear what you’re thinking and often get comments about how great we are doing and how folks feel we can do better. There are so many ways to connect with us these days:
 > When you are here at the garden center, you can ask for the supervisor or tell anyone on the staff that is available and they will make sure your comment is passed along.
 > On our website you can use the Contact Us page (found under the About Us heading).
 > Email nature@iconn.net That is our main email address.
 > Mail it to Natureworks 518 Forest Road, Northford, CT 06472.
 > Call 203-484-2748. Our phone system is always available so that is the way you can leave a detailed voice message.
 > Comment online. We receive many comments on Facebook and Yelp.
For any comment you may leave us, if you would like a response please be sure to provide a way to contact you and please be as specific as possible.
We’d love to hear from you.