Below you will find a list of Gardening Handouts from Natureworks.

In an effort to provide horticultural information, these educational documents are written by Nancy DuBrule-Clemente and her expert staff and are the property of Natureworks Horticultural Services, LLC.  You are granted permission to print/photocopy this educational information free of charge as long as you clearly show that these are Natureworks documents.

Naturework’s Catalog

Natureworks no longer produces a catalog, but please feel free to use this final version for reference:  2011/2012 Catalog 

Every year our plant stock changes and we receive fresh material throughout the growing season.  Please check our retail hours and stop in to see what’s in stock.

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Some of the handouts are displayed on web pages so you only need to click on the link to display the information.  To download the items you will need software to read .pdf’s such as Adobe Reader.

To view/download the items, click on a link below:

Learn about…

Beneficials, Butterflies, Hummingbirds and Pollinators

Butterfly Gardening

Hummingbird Gardening

Mason Bees


Bulbs, Corms and Rhizomes

Bulb Forcing

German or Bearded Iris

Tender Bulbs, Tubers, and Corms

You Can Never Have too many Spring Bulbs


Oh Deer

Plants that Deer USUALLY Won’t Eat

Design Ideas, Bloom Time and Color

Basic principles of Perennial Garden Design

Designing a Shade Garden

Flowers for Cutting and Drying

How to have Color EVERY MONTH

Succession of Bloom with Native Perennials


Disease and Pest Control

Botrytis on Peonies

Ecological Insect and Disease Control


Edibles—vegetables and more

Edible Classification

Late Blight on Tomatoes

Vegetable Crop Timing

Vegetable Plant Families


Feeding the Garden

Garden Care & Seasonal Tips

Basic and Advanced Techniques of Perennial Garden Care

Caring for the Summer Garden

Cover Cropping



Passive Bed Preparation

Pinching, Pruning and Cutting Back Perennials

Poison Ivy

Preparing Your Soil For Planting

Putting your Garden to Bed

Summer Planting Tips


Amaryllis Care

An Orchid Primer, Part One

Bulb Forcing

Growing Orchids in the Home Environment

Houseplant Care

The Plants that Came in from the Cold – Bringing your Houseplants Back Inside

Watering Orchids

Native Plants

Succession of Bloom with Native Perennials

Why Should we Plant Native Plants

Organic Lawn Care

Organic Lawn Care (3 part booklet)

Organic Lawn Care 101


Old Wood New Wood Pruning Basics




A Hellebore Primer

Designing a Shade Garden

Dry Shade Plant List

Shade Plants

Soil Health

The Basics of Soil Test Interpretation


Clematis Care

Water and Drought

Moisture Loving Plants

Water is Life