Flowers for Cutting and Drying


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*Amaranthus  – Amaranthus
Antirrhinum – Snapdragons
Aster – Aster
Calendula – Pot Marigold
*Celosia – Celosia
Centaurea – Bachelor’s Buttons
Cosmos – Cosmos
*Delphinium D. ajacis Larkspur
*Emilia Tassel Flower
Gerbera African Daisy
*Gomphrena Globe Amaranth
*Helianthus Sunflower
*Helichrysum Strawflower
Lathyrus Sweet Pea
Matthiola Stock
*Nigella Love in a Mist
*Salvia Salvia, Clary Sage, Sage
Scabiosa S. atropurpurea
*Statice Statice
Tagetes Marigold
Tithonia Mexican Sunflower
Verbena V. bonariensis and others
*Xeranthemum Everlasting
Zinnia Zinnia

There are many other annuals suitable for fresh cut flowers or drying! This list does not attempt to be comprehensive, but merely to cover the basic plants to start with in an annual cutting garden.

Agastache Anise Hyssop
*Allium Chives, Garlic Chives
*Artemesia Artemesia (F) A. lactiflora is the one Artemesia that is grown for its flowers, not its silver foliage. Flowers can be used fresh cut or dried. All others are used fresh or dried for silver foliage.
Asparagus Asparagus (F)
Brassicas Broccoli flowers
Foeniculum Fennel (F) and flowers
*Lavendula Lavender
Pelargoniums Scented Geraniums (F)
Ruta Rue (F) and flowers
*Salvia Sage (F) and flowers
*Tanacetum Tansy (F) and flowers

There are many, many herbs that make excellent cut or dried flowers or foliage. This list highlights some of the most important ones.

*Achillea Yarrow
Aconitum Monkshood
*Alchemilla Lady’s Mantle
*Anaphalis Pearly Everlasting
*Aquilegia Columbine (Dry seed pods)
*Astilbe Astilbe
*Astrantia Masterwort
*Baptisia Baptisia (Dry seed pods)
Calluna Heather
Campanula Bellflower (including biennial Canterbury Bells)
*Centaurea C. macrocephala makes best cut or dried flower
Centranthus Red Valerian, Jupiter’s Beard
Convallaria Lily of the Valley
Coreopsis Coreopsis
*Delphinium Pinks, Carnations (including biennial Sweet William)
Dicentra Bleeding Heart
Digitalis Foxglove
Doronicum Leopardsbane Daisy
*Echinops Globe Thistle
*Eryngium Sea Holly
*Eupatorium E. coelestinum – peren. Ageratum good fresh cut,
E. pupureum and all Joe Pye Weed also can be dried
Ferns Ferns
Gaillardia Blanket Flower
*Grasses Ornamental Grasses
*Gypsophila Baby’s Breath
*Heliopsis Sunflowers (some varieties can be dried such as H. ‘Soleil d’Or’
Helleborus Christmas or Lenten Rose
Heuchera Coral Bells
Hosta Plantain Lily
Iris Iris
Knautia Knautia
Kniphofia Red Hot Poker
*Lavandula Lavender
*Liatris Gayfeather
Lillium Lily
*Limonium Sea Lavender, Statice
*Lunaria Honesty, Money Plant (Biennial)
Lupinus Lupine
Lysimachia L. punctata, Circle Flower
Matricaria Feverfew
*Monarda Bee Balm
Paeonia Peony
Papaver Poppy (Oriental varieties and any with sap, bur the end of the stem first)
Penstemon Beard Tongue
Perovskia Russian Sage
Phlox P. paniculata, P. maculata Summer Phlox
Physostegia Obedient plant
*Rose Rose
Rudbeckia Black Eyed Susan
Scabiosa Scabiosa
*Sedum Sedum (esp. taller varieties such as S. ‘Autumn Joy’)
*Stachys Lamb’s Ears
Veronica Veronica

Many are good foliage plants and are marked with an “F”.
Abelia Abelia
Abeliophyllum White Forsythia
Buxus Boxwood (F)
Chaenomeles Quince
Cornus Dogwood
Cytisus Scotch Broom (F) and flowers
Deutzia Deutzia
Euonymus Euonymus (F)
Forsythia Forsythia (F) use forsythia foliage as a good foliage in arrangements!
Also flowering branches, of course.
Hamamelis Witch Hazel
Hedera English Ivy (F)
*Hydrangea Hydrangea
Ilex Holly (F) and berries
Kalmia Mountain Laurel (F)
Magnolia Magnolia
Malus Apple, Crabapple
*Myrica Bayberry Berries good dried in holiday arrangements.
Prunus Cherry, Plum
Pyrus Pear
*Salix Pussywillow, Corkscrew Willow
Spirea Spirea
Syringa Lilac
Viburnum Viburnum Many Viburnums are good for cut flowers as well as berries.

Many pods and berries of the roadside can be incorporated into a natural style arrangement. Be sure what you
are picking is not an endangered plant! This list is to be an inspiration, and is only the beginning of the natural
materials that could be gathered and used in arrangements.
Chrysanthemum Ox eyed Daisy
*Daucus Queen Ann’s Lace
*Eupatorium E. maculatum Joe Pye Weed
Ilex I. verticillata Winterberry
Lonicera Honeysuckle (some are invasive)
Acidinanthera Abbysinian Gladiolus
Agapanthus Agapanthus
*Allium Allium
Anemone Anemone
Brodiaea Brodiaea
Crocosmia Montbretia Lily
Dahlia Dahlia
Eremurus Foxtail Lily
Gladiolus Gladiolus
Hyacinthus Hyacinth
Iris Dutch Iris
Lillium Lily
Narcissus Daffodils
Ranunculus Ranunculus
Tuberosa Tuberose
Tulipa Tulip

Note: The plants marked with * can be easily dried using natural methods such as hang drying, drying on a screen, etc. Many more of these flowers can be preserved using silica gel, glycerin, etc. There are many excellent books on drying flowers as well as growing fresh cut flowers. This list is intended to be a basic reference. The subject is vast. I hope this sparks your imagination and starts you on a life long hobby of growing fresh and dried flowers!