Summer Planting Tips!

SuperThrive comes in many different size bottles...a little goes a LONG way.

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    YOU CAN PLANT PERENNIALS, ANNUALS, HERBS, AND SHRUBS ALL SUMMER LONG!  Just because spring is over, it doesn’t mean that the gardening season is over as well! Years ago, if you wanted to procure new plants, you had to dig them out of a garden, either at a nursery or from a friend.  That was only done in the spring or fall. Those days are long gone. In today’s modern horticultural world, most plants are produced in containers. This allows for ease of handling, shipping AND planting!  Consequently, a wide range of exciting plant material is now available all summer long.

     There is absolutely no reason why you can’t continue adding new plants to your gardens every month of the growing season. At NATUREWORKS, we plant every day from April through early November!

     Many people are very visually oriented. If they try to plan a garden on paper, they have trouble envisioning what it will look like. They have to see the plants growing and blooming in real life . These people create their gardens over the course of many growing seasons, constantly observing and adding plants as they go along. Our perennial demonstration gardens at Natureworks afford a perfect opportunity for this kind of creativity. We do it ourselves. I am often found wandering around with a blooming plant in my hand, placing it in many different spots in the gardens until I find the perfect location. This is an ONGOING PROCESS that takes place all the time, spring, summer, and fall.

     You must realize that you are never really “DONE” when you are making a garden. New plants constantly appear that you can’t live with out. You may also fall out of love with other plants as you grow as a gardener. The changes and additions that you envision should be acted on right away, before your great idea slips away…

     When you transfer a plant from a POT to the ground, there is essentially no transplanting shock.  Follow these easy steps to assure success when planting in the summertime:

     1. When planting in the summer, dig a generous hole, amend it well, fill the hole with water, let it drain, plant the plant, and then water it again. This technique is called “puddling

     2. Plan on watering your newly planted plant every day for the first 2 days, every other day for the first week after that, and then, once a week or as needed for the rest of the growing season. Water plants deeply, allowing the water to soak down into the root ball. Surface watering does more harm than good as it encourages surface roots that dry out quickly

     3. Water your newly planted plants with a dilute solution of either liquid seaweed or Superthrive during the first week to help it to establish quickly.



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