Garden Sickle to the Rescue!

Garden Sickle to the Rescue!


I’ve started cutting down large stands of perennials in my gardens that have completely finished for the season. This is a gradual process that takes place over the next two months. Our rule of thumb is: if it’s brown or yellow, cut it down. If it’s green, leave it alone as it is still photosynthesizing and making food for the plant. For this job I use my GARDEN SICKLE.


I have been looking for a long time for a holster for my sickle- I finally found one this year.

If you have been cutting back plants with your pruning shears your entire life, I ask you to imagine how much easier it could be if, instead of that repetitive cutting motion, you could simply slice through them (as one of my customers put it) “like a hot knife through butter”. Enter our handy-dandy garden sickle AND a holster that will keep it close by on your belt.

The older I get, the more important it is to me to use the correct tools to make my work easier. I wouldn’t want to garden without this great tool.