Gift Ideas for Nature Lovers

Gift Ideas for Nature Lovers


One of the beauties of owning a small store is that you can choose unique items that represent the ideas you believe in and bring them to the marketplace. You can’t imagine how fun (and challenging) it is to do the buying for Natureworks! We do most of our gift buying in January! At that time we try to think ahead to what the coming year may bring.  Because we are small, we only carry a limited number of anything we stock. If you are interested in an item I talk about in the email, be sure to give us a call so we can hold it for you.

With that in mind, here are a few suggestions:


 Peace poles top the list. This year we have increased our offerings to include peace poles of many sizes. Above you will see a picture of our Peace Pole Garden in front of the store. It was dedicated last year for our 30th anniversary. Countless people have sat on the benches and enjoyed this beautiful spot. A Peace Pole will change the energy of your property, believe me.


Garden sickle

The next thing I feel every gardener needs is a sickle. I have heard so many positive comments from customers and employees once they try this efficient tool. It enables you to cut down large stands of perennials in a single swipe, saving your hands and wrists and tendons from repetitive motion injuries. This year we found a wonderful holster that fits the sickle perfectly. I slide it onto my belt along with my pruning shear holster and voila! All set to head out to the garden, tools at the ready.


Glove Clip

One very handy little gadget that all of my retail staff love is our glove clip. Just like a holster, the glove clip will keep your gloves nearby when you need them. No more searching through piles of debris to find lost gloves. This is the perfect stocking stuffer- perhaps with a pair of gardening gloves attached?


Do you want to give someone the gift of good health this holiday season? Give them seeds for sprouting and a perforated lid for their canning jar to make sprouting a snap.

Sprouts are so easy to grow and they have come a long way from my early days in this business where we only grew mung beans and alfalfa sprouts. Now there are many flavorful, interesting varieties and mixes to choose from.


A book is a gift that you can give that will be opened again and again and again. Two of my favorite authors and speakers have teamed up to write an awesome new book: The Living Landscape by Rick Darke and Doug Tallamy. Rick Darke is my go-to author about native plants in the woodland garden. Doug Tallamy is the author ofBringing Nature Home, a book that changed the entire conversation about native plants in this country.



2014 was the year when Natureworks decided to really focus on saving the monarch butterflies. One of our inspirations is Carol Pasternak, author of a very special book:

How to Raise Monarch Butterflies. Believe me, this is a book for children andadults! Carol is from Toronto and has a website called The Monarch Butterfly Crusader.

She also actively posts amazing photos on Facebook and I am a raving fan!