Golden Fall Days

Golden Fall Days


Dear Nancy,

October is unfolding nicely, don’t you think? The picture above was taken in my back yard last Thursday evening after a full day of rain. It’s such a glorious, golden time of year. We had our first frost on Monday night, some milder than others. Nevertheless, this marks a rite of passage in our gardens as the tender plants start to get cut back and the herbaceous perennials begin moving their energy to their root systems. My rule of thumb is “If its yellow or brown, cut it down. If it’s still green, leave it be”. It is a very gradual process, this cutting the garden back and getting it ready for the winter.
Beautiful perennial ‘Sheffield’ mums are just starting to bloom now.
Now that the first frost is behind, we have a reprieve in the form of warm weather and rain once again during the week, with a beautiful weekend in store. To celebrate, we are puttingALL OUTDOOR PLANTS ON SALE HALF PRICE!!! Diane also told me to mention that we have just bought ourselves one more week to continue to sow grass seed! Our Natureworks custom grass seed blend is still on sale at 20% off so patch up those bare spots before it really gets cold.
The good news about frost is that is helps to clear the way for BULBS! It is just so much easier to see where to plant them when you begin cutting down your garden and making space between the crowns of the plants.
We have 48+ varieties of daffodils in stock!  
I feel that a garden is simply not complete without spring blooming bulbs. They add so much color early in the year, when most plants haven’t begun to break dormancy or grow significant leaves.
Narcissus ‘Rip Van Winkle’, a very cool double dwarf
I personally select all of the bulb varieties for Natureworks each year,  choosing them based on what has worked well for us in the past and what bulbs will offer the greatest succession of bloom.
Anemone ‘Blanda Blue’
We may have one of the best selections of retail flower bulbs in the area: 48+ types of Narcissus, 9 varieties of very unusual species tulips, tons of other tulips from early to late, 10 kinds of crocus including the very early snow crocus, 9 types of Alliums that span the season from May through July,  3 varieties of snowdrops (see below), and a whole bunch of crazy, unusual bulbs that will add some real jazz to your gardens.
Blue and white striped Pushkinia
Think about doubling the color in your gardens by tucking bulbs in clusters between the crowns of the perennials. Naturalize some bulbs like Anemone blanda, Pushkinia, or winter aconite throughout your borders to give you a real lift in April. It’s just so easy to do! We have all kinds of handouts about planning and planting a bulb garden and of course, my staff will gladly assist you in choosing a nice mixture for your specific circumstances.
This Saturday we are having two free and very informative workshops. At 9:30 Jane will teach you how to dig and store your dahlias and other tender bulbs- perfect timing now that the tops are starting to die down from the frost. At 11:00 we will have a free garlic growing workshop. Garlic should be planted in the next few weeks. We will teach you how!
Halloween Fairy Festival 2013
On Sunday we are having our Halloween Fairy Festival– a morning and an afternoon session. They are filling up and you must pre-register to hold your spot. Look at that gang of happy kids proudly displaying their pumpkin fairy gardens. Do call and sign up today! The last Saturday morning garden walk of the season will be on November 1st. After that, we will have some workshops in our greenhouse about terrariums, houseplants, air plants, microgreens, sprouts, and more. Keep checking our Calendar of Events for all the details. Weekly events are posted below; the full roster is put up on our website monthly.

I spent all day Sunday in my own yard, planting another car load of shrubs and perennials, continuing to rearrange, and mulching the new plantings. The crisp air and bracing breeze gave me such energy. Soak up every bit of these glorious October days. Soon enough we will be trapped indoors in front of the fireplace, longing for the chance to garden again. Just keep on planting, this is the perfect fall for it!

See you soon…
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