Green Friday is Coming!

Green Friday is Coming!


I’m sorry, but I am already fed up with the large box stores and chains hyping Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving). I am seeing messages in my inbox about “pre-Black Friday specials”. Spare me. First of all, as a small business owner, Black Friday is a killer for my business. I am NOT going to open at 4 a.m. If I have a sale, it is a real sale, with discounts taken against a realistic retail price. I will never ask my staff to work on Thanksgiving. That’s an American family holiday. So for years, Natureworks suffered. Instead of record-breaking business that would put us “in the black”, we were usually pretty slow.


Last year I decided to do something new: I called it Green Friday! Why not? We are one of the greenest businesses around and by that day we are all about fresh cut greens. We opened at the regular time and offered our customers a $5 gift card for shopping with us. Everyone who shopped with us was entered to win a $50 shopping spree. We were mobbed! I was stunned, and so was my staff. I want to start a movement, making this a small business celebrationweekend.

This year on Green Friday Santa Claus will be here for a visit from 10:30 a.m. till 3:00 pm! This is a great opportunity to bring your young children to a cozy place and take those beloved Christmas card photos.