How to Grow Cyclamen

How to Grow Cyclamen


Cyclamen are now in stock in our greenhouse. As the weather starts to cool off, my mind immediately thinks of this wonderful winter windowsill houseplant.

Cyclamen prefer cooltemperatures. They don’t want to grow in an overheated house- keep the temperatures in the 60’s. That describes many of our homes these days.

They do fine in a morning sun window or in front of a shear lace curtain in a south facing window. Take them away from the light and they will stop flowering.

The most important thing to understand about growing cyclamen is how to water them. They grow from a corm, which is kind of like a bulb, a solid, fleshy storage organism. If you poke around the crown of your cyclamen (where the leaves meet the soil) you will feel this corm. You NEVER want to pour water on the crown of your plant. This often rots the base of the leaves. I find that sitting my cyclamen plants in a saucer of water for 15 minutes is the easiest way to water them- as long as you remember to dump the saucer out!!! They want to goalmost dry between waterings. I get on a routine with my cyclamen and keep them on the windowsill by my kitchen sink. They are my constant companion in the winter.