HALF PRICE Shade Perennials

HALF PRICE Shade Perennials

The following shade perennials are on sale at half off from June 27th thru July 13th. In stock items only.

Old fashioned bleeding hearts- Dicentra spectabilis¬† in pink, white, and ‘Valentine’, the new red form


Stylophorum diphyllum- celandon poppy celandon poppy really stands out in the spring garden

Jeffersonia diphylla- Twinleaf, a very unusual native wildflower


Anemone sylvestris- white flowering spring anemone, very hardy and easy to establish

Smilacina- false Solomon’s seal, a really great native with fluffy plumes of white flowers and good foliage all summer

Polemonium reptans- the best species of Jacob’s ladder. Includes the green leaf form that self sows so well in the woodland garden and ‘Stairway to Heaven’, Bill Cullina’s great variegated selection.


Primroses of all sorts including rare doubles such as ‘Sunshine Suzie’, ‘Miss Indigo’, and ‘Ken Dearman’, striking ‘Gold Lace’, blue drumstick primrose, and ‘Geisha Girl’.


Lunaria- we have seedlings of the money plant. This is a biennial; these will bloom next spring with bright purple flowers that do well in the shade. The seed pods that follow can be dried for fall arrangements and once you have these established in your yard, you will always enjoy them. A real old fashioned plant.