HALF PRICE Sun Loving Shrubs

HALF PRICE Sun Loving Shrubs

The following plants are on sale HALF PRICE from June 27th thru July 13th. In stock items only.

Lilacs! Who doesn’t love lilacs? We have ‘Grandmother’s Purple’ and ‘Royal Purple’ as well as the late blooming, pink ‘Miss Canada’ and the very fragrant, late blooming dwarf Korean lilac in a tree form.


Azalea ‘Girard’s Crimson’- we got a special deal on this May blooming variety and bought a few too many!

Scotch brooms- these are deer proof and drought proof and make great cut flowers. Fragrant too!


Rhododendrons- we have some really large, full Rhododendron ‘Chinoides’ which is a compact growing white variety as well as a few assorted dwarfs such as ‘Windbeam’ with pale pink flowers.


Cornus sanguinea ‘Arctic Sun’- a twiggy native dogwood with red stems that change to colors of orange and gold in the winter.

Spireas- ‘Ogon’ is an early blooming, bridal wreath form with brilliant, delicate golden foliage.  ‘Little Princess’ is a nice dwarf that grows 2-3′ tall, 3-4′ wide, soft pink flowers in June/July and again in fall. All spireas are deer proof!

Prunus maritima- Beach plums have proven themselves to be one of the few plants that survived two hurricanes at the shoreline. Spring blossoms give way to edible fruit. Beach plum jam is famous on Cape Cod. You can make your own OR let the birds eat the fruit.