Holiday Greetings!

Holiday Greetings!

So here it is, the last week that Natureworks will be open in 2016. With five days left, we are happily designing away, making all kinds of unique creations for you a

nd your loved ones to enjoy. Wednesday is the Winter Solstice and the shortest day of the year. So I am happy to report that on Thursday, thedays will ever so slowly start to get longer! The holiday season has so many meanings to cultures around the world. No matter your religion or ethnicity, this time of year is special. I love the lighted candles in the windows of all of the homes in Durham as I drive home each evening. I enjoy looking out my home office window at a red cardinal on the fence post with red winterberries in the distance. I walk in my house and it smells like fresh pine and fir. Simple things like that resonate with me.

We are extending our retail hours this week to make it easier for you to shop at Natureworks. We will be open 9-6 each day, and Thursday is our late night, when we will remain open till 7 pm. Please remember that we are closed on Christmas Eve day, which is Saturday. It feels weird

to be closed on that Saturday, but family comes first in my business and everyone that worksfor me truly appreciates it. Never mind that my husband and I are hosting Christmas Eve this year and it’s time for me to start helping with the preparations at home!  After that, we will be closed for retail until March but we will be teaching lots of awesome classes and traveling around to flower shows and gardening conferences where we will have vendor booths. I will be keeping you in the loop with emails in January and February so stay tuned.

My collection of hand painted Austrian Christmas egg ornaments has been unpacked and hung. We still have many beautiful designs left. They make a great gift that will become a tradition year after year.

Speaking of the CT Flower and Garden Show, you can get discount flower show tickets at Natureworks for the upcoming show in February, 2017. Place a pair of tickets in a card or a stocking and you will be giving a gift of winter joy. We also have Gardening by the Moon calendars and the English Garden Tour calendar (featuring the gardens we visited on my tour this summer), both unusual items that make special gifts.

This week we are focusing on FRESH flowers. This is the only time during the year that we do this. Amber and I have chosen vases to hold the most beautiful cut flowers that we will be incorporating into arrangements and centerpieces as well as bouquets, combined with fragrant greenery

. I am still cutting greens and winterberry branches from my yard each day. I saved some of the most unusual greens for the week before Christmas. We will have plenty of arrangements in every size and shape available for quick pickup every day this week, but if you have your heart set on something particular, please call in advance and let us make a custom arrangement for you.

We still have plenty of wreaths and swags. We are making fresh mantel roping all the time. Again, measure the length that you need and call in advance so we can have it ready for you when you get here.

My staff has been making the most enchanting terrariums for the past few weeks. Each one is a miniature world of wonder and they are flying out the door. What special, personalized gifts they make. They are also creating succulent arrangements from a tiny birds nest, to a hanging wooden frame, to every type of pot or bowl.

Diane has put a bunch of items on sale for the next week including giant Amaryllis bulbs, felt ornaments, hummingbird feeders, and more. Check out the SALE BLOCK below to see what’s on special.

My wish for everyone is a healthy and safe holiday and peace in all of its form- peace in your heart, in your home, and on earth. This year has been a wild ride and a lot has happened in our world. I know I will be spending a lot of quiet time this winter contemplating how I can personally help to heal the divides that I see and promote a safe, organic environment for all I come in contact with. Winter means going inside. For me it means rest and reflection. It is much needed and I am looking forward to it.

So let me give you one last word of advice:


You know you will miss us over the next few months. Many customers say Natureworks is “their happy place”. Take advantage of these next few days and stop in. Raise a glass of cheer with us and get your last minute shopping done in an atmosphere that will make you happy.  I hope to see you this week…


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