Houseplant Love

Houseplant Love


I am in love with Streptocarpus. This African violet relative has such a strange name- it sounds like a disease! Actually, “strepto” means twisted and “carpus” refers to a seed pod so the name actually means “twisted seed pod” which perfectly describes the pod that follows the flower.

People have been coming in thanking me for stocking Streptocarpus because they know that they are a very easy to grow, very floriferous houseplant. I have loved them for as long as I have had a garden center. Our plants are grown here in CT by a good friend of mine who has been growing them longer than Natureworks has been in business. Talk about buying local…

The common name for Streptocarpus is Cape Primrose. They do well in normal household conditions: temperatures in the 60’s, average humidity, and morning sun or bright, filtered light. If you remove the spent blossoms (and don’t let those twisted seed pods form) they will continue to flower. They love being fed with fish emulsion or Dr. Earth Liquid Fertilizer; organic fertilizers that promote flowering.


Bring beauty to your home with the addition of easy care flowering plants. It is my trick for staying happy during the transition from outdoor gardening to indoors.