Indian Summer Days Ahead!

Indian Summer Days Ahead!

What an absolutely PERFECT Indian Summer week and weekend we have coming up. There has never been a better year to plant in your garden or work on your organic lawn. The soil is saturated. The sun will be shining, the days will be in the 70’s. Take advantage of this gift from Mother Nature and get outside!
‘Azure Blue Satin’ rose of Sharon is really a showstopper. 
That is a red herbaceous perennial hibiscus in the background. There are SO many plants to choose from on 
the benches at Natureworks. 

Natureworks looks at the month of October quite differently than many other garden centers. Our focus is on helping you not only plant a lasting fall garden, we also want to help you correct any issues and plant for next year. Landscapes should be a long

Montauk daisies are beginning to flower. They offer late flowers and large, bushy foliage plants all season long. I use them to anchor my garden beds.

term investment, guided by good choices. You don’t have to draw a design on paper, but it helps to analyze your combinations, color gaps, crowded beds, and missing foliage structure now. Our October 20th all day workshop Solving Garden Design Dilemmas is more than half full. Click here to learn all about it and register today! Karen Bussolini (one of the three designers on that day) was interviewed by Suzanne Thompson on her show CT Outdoors on Tuesday. It will be re-broadcast this Saturday at 1 pm and Sunday at 7 am on WLIS 1420 am or WMRD 1150 am. Tune in to hear them talk about the details of this exciting day. 

My garden is so pretty right now, I find myself simply wandering around (with my cat Buddy following me), soaking it all in. The pollinators are insane- every aster, Sedum, perennial mum, goldenrod, daisy, and Eupatorium is alive with life. Here is what I found myself saying…Thank God for Aster oblongifolius ‘October Skies’.  Big drifts of sky blue daisies billow throughout the yard. I keep dividing and replanting them each spring and then I forget about them (except for one hard cut back in June.) They are deer proof, disease free, and impervious to weeds. 
Clouds of blue asters fill my yard

This warm spell ahead means I can continue to enjoy my annuals too. Zinnias, marigolds, calendulas, and lantana are all happy as can be, continuing to bud up and flower. They are magnets for the migrating monarchs which visit daily. On Sunday I

When replanting, freshen up the soil with Coast of Maine compost. 
What are you eating from YOUR garden this week?

planted 2 full packages of radish seeds where I took out the tomato plants. My fall lettuces are growing strong and I am taking home spinach plants tonight to fill in a few more gaps. Our organic veggie seedlings are HALF PRICE till they are gone. Kale and lettuce are two that we have lots of. I bet you can find room for just a bit more homegrown organic food, can’t you?

We are getting in our final batch of organic hardneck seed garlic this week. We carry four excellent varieties: German White, Russian Red, Music, and Georgian Fire. I wait until the week after the full moon in either October or November to actually plant my garlic, but I like to stockpile it NOW. We always sell out. Don’t forget to pick up our handout that explains just how easy it is to grow your own garlic. NEXT Saturday I will be giving a free workshop on that subject at our Bulbs for Breast Cancer Celebration. 

This week on Thursday, tune in at a NEW TIME– 4:30 pm- for Facebook Live. This is

going to be fun. I will be focusing on “porchscaping”. We will decorate the front porch at Natureworks using two different color schemes. The first will be traditional fall colors of orange, red, and russet. The second will be pinks, purples, blues, and whites. We will be showing how to work with blooming perennials that can then be added to your permanent collection, winter pansies, grasses, annuals, berrying shrubs, foliage plants, pumpkins, gourds, and cornstalks. I decided to do this because I started working on my own front porch on Monday. October 1st sets a new tone in my neighborhood and I wanted to be sure all the young families knew we would be open for business giving out candy on Halloween night. Tonight the pumpkins get stuffed in my car and placed on the porch and under the skeleton hanging from the big maple tree by the road. 

Don’t underestimate the staying power of our winter pansies. Not only will they look amazing until the snow flies, they return in very early spring bigger and better than ever. They are now on sale 5 for $10 and we have all colors in stock.
Speaking of pumpkins, we are once again making up succulent pumpkin arrangements and they are flying out of here as fast as we create them. This is

something we prepare for all summer, stockpiling succulents and propagating them. These are such fun gifts, look great sitting on a desk at work, or can be used to jazz up a dinner table. If you need a bunch, call ahead and order them and we will have them ready for you. And yes, we also have a nice selection of succulents, terra cotta pots, houseplants, macrame hangers, and everything you need to start bringing your love of gardening indoors for the winter.

This Saturday morning I am offering a really fun workshop on growing houseplants. It costs $5 to register, but all attendees will get a $5 coupon for any houseplants or pots that purchase after class. Click here to register on line or call the shop to reserve your space. I have SO many houseplants myself, and studied them in college before doing interior landscaping in my first job.  We are calling it Getting your Houseplants Ready for Winter but we will be talking about so much more such as repotting, getting plants that summered outdoors acclimated to coming indoors, organic potting soils and organic houseplant fertilizers, how to water properly, humidity trays, pests… Houseplants are back and I want to share my knowledge with you. 

We just returned from four days at the Durham Fair with our Monarch Exhibit. We talked until we couldn’t talk anymore. We taught so many people about how to protect and encourage monarchs and other butterflies. But the faces of wonder on the people who got to see a butterfly being born or a caterpillar transforming into a chrysalis before their eyes made all the work worth it. We tagged and released monarchs to the butterfly garden outside the Discovery Center but guess what? We still have

100 monarch chrysalises and 11 caterpillars still to be born!
That is one reason why we are so thrilled that the weather is going to be nice and

We still have over 100 monarchs to be born, tagged, and released!

warm for the weeks ahead. They have a lot of flying to do before they make it to the sanctuary in the mountains of Mexico. So the chances of you seeing monarchs when you visit this week are really good. If you show up in the afternoon, we may even be tagging and releasing them. They stick around for quite a while too, fueling up on all of our beautiful flowering plants before they head on their way. 

Take full advantage of the most perfect fall we’ve had in years to make your garden and landscape a safe haven for all of these creatures. Add more pollinator plants. Put in some berry bushes. As you dig and divide your plants, enrich the soil with Coast of Maine compost, organic fertilizers, and mineral powders. It’s too early to do much cutting back, but when you do, pop in tons of bulbs. After you weed one more time, put down a thick layer of mulch. Every single thing you accomplish in October will reward you in 2019. I do most of my planting and rearranging on my Sundays off in October and early November. Spring and summer and fall of next year will once again be filled with sweet surprises. 
I hope you can make some time to stop in for a visit. We are once again open 7 days a week and we are here to help you, advise you, guide you, and inspire you. Inside and out, Natureworks is bursting with abundant life and the beauty of fall.
See you very soon…
Sales this week:
All Asters and Echinaceas are 20% off
All Vegetable Seedlings are 50% off
Winter hardy pansies 5 for $10
Clearance Sale
It has grown so big that we have moved it from the front lawn to it’s own section in the nursery yard. Great plants that need a home!
New Plants are Added Constantly!!!