It’s Finally Flower Show Time!

It’s Finally Flower Show Time!

Are you sick of ice, slush, and snow? Me too. Winter is getting a bit weary. I have just the solution! Head up to the CT Convention Center in Hartford this Thursday thru Sunday and visit the CT Flower and Garden Show. It is such a treat…
We will be offering so many cool plants at our booth at the flower show this week.
First, there are lots of gardens. Having designed and forced for these gardens before, I have to tell you, it is stunning to see the empty convention hall transformed into a spring oasis in a few short days. You walk in and immediately are faced with flowering trees, shrubs, roses, herbs, veggies, perennials, bulbs…and it SMELLS like spring! There are waterfalls and ponds, gazebos, benches, and gardens of all types. 
We will have lots of new books too!
Natureworks will have a jam-packed vendor booth on the far left side of the hall, directly opposite the Federated Garden Clubs of CT displays. We have basically brought all our seeds, tons of new houseplants, dahlias and other spring bulbs, pretty pots, macrame hangers, lots of really cool gardening books (especially for kids), and so much more. 
And don’t forget the kid’s gardening and nature books…

Of course, there are tons of other vendors too, with all kinds of things to see, enjoy, and buy. 

We have retsocked our seeds after Seedy Sunday and they are ALL going to be at the flower show this week
And then there are the SEMINARS. Your ticket to the show buys you entry into all of the seminars that day. There are lots of famous and very talented people speaking this year. I am so excited and hope I can escape from my own booth to hear some of them.
Diane St. John and I are both giving talks:
  • Thursday at 4:30 I will be speaking on Nancy’s Favorite Plants. This is an eclectic collection of my newest faves. It has taken me a LONG time to put this together.
  • Saturday at 3:30 I will be speaking on houseplants-From Urban Jungle to Winter Windowsill. Again, I have been working very hard on this new talk and am really excited to share my houseplant knowledge with you
  • Sunday at 2:00 Diane is giving a talk on Creating a Habitat for Monarch Butterflies. Diane is an amazing photographer and is also considered our “crazy monarch lady”. Don’t miss this!
You also don’t want to miss theNatureworks Gardening Classes that will begin in March.Have a Happy Habitat Day is on March 9th and is going to be jam packed with information to make your yard a vital, organic ecosystem for you, your family, and all the creatures that share it with you. We have Kathy Connolly coming to teach a 90 minute workshop on Meadows of all sizes. Even if you don’t have a big property, consider a “mini-meadow” as a way to reduce your lawn, lower your carbon footprint, and invite life into your yard. Suzanne will be speaking on creating a habitat for birds, Eliza will be speaking on weaving flowers of all sorts in with your edibles, and I will start the day with a basic Happy Habitat design class. Sign up today with a friend. Click Here.
Saturday, March 23rd is a day devoted to garden maintenance, the Natureworks Way. I am so happy that Lisa Elder, senior crew leader who has been tending our client’s gardens for years and years, will be sharing her in-depth knowledge in the morning workshop Garden Maintenance throughout the Growing Season the Natureworks Way. In the afternoon, I will be teaching Overcoming your Fear of Pruning- Basic Principles and Practices. I love teaching pruning and I guarantee that when you are done with this class, you will be outside raring to go. 
Saturday, April 6th is a day devoted to growing food. In the morning I will be teaching a class Month by Month in the Food Garden. In the afternoon, we have a fabulous guest speaker, Sue Lavalee, who till will be teaching Raised Bed Gardening. Sue is an avid organic gardener, has worked for many years for Coast of Maine, and has tons of experience growing food. 

Our complete Class Brochure is up on line. Click Here to download the 4 page brochure and registration page and then sign up today.



So don’t let winter get you down. Drag yourself out of your house, round of a gang of your best buds, and head up to Hartford this week and go to the flower show. You will tell me, the next time you see me, that it was the best advice anyone has given you in a long time! Then sign yourself and those same friends up for our gardening classes. By the time Mother Nature blesses us with nice weather and you are able to start playing in the dirt again, you will be much more inspired and a LOT more knowledgeable. And happier too!
See you soon….