It’s Finally TIME for Veggies and Annuals!

It’s Finally TIME for Veggies and Annuals!

It’s finally time! Warm weather has arrived at last. We all suffered through the cold and rain and wind of last weekend. Working in the garden on a sunny day is such a treat! This week we are getting our main shipments of organic veggie seedlings, tons of really cool annuals, and lots of herbs (including basil). The danger of frost is over and it’s time to get planting!


This year we are managing our Incredible Edible department a bit differently. First of all, it has been expanded. Second, we are not taking pre-book orders for veggies. Instead, we are just getting in lots and LOTS of plants. We should have plenty for everyone. We are excited to have many new items including

dwarf tomatoes (Click Here to watch my video about them). Along with the standards, we will also have unusual edibles and herbs that you may not have grown before. We are not growing any cucumbers, melons, or squashes as seedlings. What? Why not? We have found it to be much healthier for this family of plants to be started directly from seed a bit later than May. They sprout really quickly (3-4 days in warm June soil) and quickly catch up and outpace the seedlings that sit on our benches. Why? It is all about pest emergence times. All members of the cucumber/squash/melon family are plagued by the dreaded striped cucumber beetle. By delaying planting these, you can offset a tremendous amount of early damage. Our goal is to plant later, protect the plants with floating row covers, and dramatically reduce the damage done by

Got tomatoes? Yes we do!

cucumber beetles, squash vine borers, the squash bug, and the bean beetle. Don’t worry, we have tons of seed for all of these plants. Don’t be afraid to plant from seed! Change your mindset and get into the groove that all gardeners have been in for centuries. Seed is the way to go. Seed sowing gives you a lot more diversity to choose from and it is so much cheaper. On the racks this week we have 11 kinds of cucumbers, 21 kinds of squashes, 13 kinds of melons, and 17 kinds of beans! If you don’t know how to do it exactly, we can teach you. I find sowing seeds incredibly relaxing and then, when they sprout, I consider it a miracle unfolding before my eyes every single time. 

Floating row covers have helped Diane to grow absolutely pest free broccoli. Put them over your squash, cucumber, and bean plants. It makes a huge difference.

What about the annuals? Don’t we specialize in perennials? Why plant annuals when you can plant perennials? I’m glad you asked! First of all, annuals ROCK in containers. They offer constant color, whereas perennials have a season of bloom, usually for about 3-4 weeks. I place annuals

throughout my perennial gardens to double the color or to add color when a perennial has finished. I even place big pots filled with annuals directly in my gardens when a plant has gone dormant- like the huge gap left by a bleeding heart after it dies down in July. I surround my deck with pots planted specifically for hummingbirds and my husband and I sit and sip a glass of wine in the evening and wait for them to come visit us. Butterflies too- they adore Verbenas, Lantanas, and Agastaches. 

Surround your deck with containers stuffed with annual color and watch the hummingbirds and butterflies appear!

This Thursday evening we are open late, until 7 pm. It’s supposed to be really warm on Thursday and it will be the perfect evening to shop for your veggies and annuals and avoid the weekend crowds. PLUS, you can be in the audience for our next episode of Facebook Live. This week I will be demonstration how to plant a tomato grow bag, how to lay out a garden in our

Got peppers? Yes we do!

new raised beds, and how to plant a row of seeds and a hill of squash. I want YOUR questions. This is your chance to ask me anything you want about growing your own food, either in person or by typing your questions into Facebook. We go live at 5:30. All of the past episodes are up on our website and I have been hearing that a lot of people think its an easy, fun way to learn. 


This Saturday afternoon at 1 pm, Jillian (who now runs our Incredible Edible department) will offer a FREE workshop of Direct Sowing of Vegetables from Seed. On Sunday at 1, we are having our second in our series of Meet and Greet our Native Pollinators. We are SO committed to helping encourage and protect the pollinators that are so vital for our food and flowers. Each month we will devote one FREE workshop to this subject. Spread the word and tell your friends. There is so much you can do to help. 

One more new development here at Natureworks: we are planting succulent patio pots of all shapes and sizes! I realized that so many people forget to water their containers. Succulents are the answer. They can be ignored if you travel or come to the area for a weekend retreat. They come in all kinds of fascinating shapes, textures, and colors. Amber is transforming our greenhouse into Succulent Central. Let us help you plan succulent containers. 

Our greenhouse is being transformed into 
Succulent Central!

So what are you waiting for? Get into Natureworks and let’s get this gardening season going. We’ve waited patiently, oh so patiently, long enough. It’s TIME! 

Stop by this week. I’ll see you soon…