It’s “Getting Ready for the Flower Show” Week!

It’s “Getting Ready for the Flower Show” Week!

How would you like to experience spring NEXT WEEK! Well that is what you will do when you go to the CT Flower and Garden Show in Hartford which is happening next Thursday, February 21st thru Sunday, February 24th. And Natureworks will be there with bells on! We have a big, beautiful double booth stuffed with spring! 
There will be beautiful gardens to enjoy
This event is the best thing you can do for winter weary soul. Yes, there will be bulbs, tons of them. There will be flowering, fragrant witch hazels. There will be

pussywillows. There will be seeds. BOY, will there be seeds! We are totally restocking our seed racks after we had the busiest Seedy Sunday ever. There will be houseplants, all kinds of cool and intriguing houseplants. There will be new books. Pretty pots. Gardens to stroll through. The Federated Garden Clubs of CT floral displays to see. And workshops- some VERY exciting speakers will be teaching for all 4 days. 

Your ticket to the flower show is also your ticket to all of the seminars. It is SUCH a great deal! I will be 

speaking on Thursday at 4:30- it’s called Nancy’s Favorite Plants. I invite you to come and see what I have chosen and learn about some fun, unusual plants of every type. I call it “an eclectic collection”. It has been very interesting to choose what I will talk about! Saturday at 3:30 I am doing a brand new talk: Houseplants-from Urban Jungle to Winter Windowsill. This has also been fun to put together. I have always loved houseplants, even did an independent study on them in college. Now that they are so popular again, I want to teach everyone how to care for them organically. All the internet research in the world can’t take the place of advice from someone who has been growing them for decades. We will be stocking some great new houseplant books at our booth as well. 


Naturally, we will have lots of plants for sale in our booth, a small sampling shown above and below. We handpick the most fun, easiest ones for you to own.

Begonia heaven
We also have just gotten in lots of new books, including a ton of great books to inspire the children in your life. These were all carefully selected by Diane and Amber and are one of the most popular items we sell at the flower show each year. 
Don’t miss the flower show, it will put you in such a good mood and make the month of February totally bearable. 
The other thing you should be aware of is that we are having a FABULOUS all-day educational event on Saturday, March 9th. It is called 
Have a Happy Habitat Day
and it is probably the best deal in an all-day workshop you will ever find. We are thrilled to finally be hosting local meadow expert Kathy Connelly who will be teaching a 90 minute class on meadows, large and small. I will talk about design, Natureworker Suzanne will talk about bird habitats, Natureworker Eliza will talk about annual and perennial flowers for a diverse habitat and my staff will all be there to answer questions and participate in the discussions. 
Click Here to read all about Have a Happy Habitat Day and register with a friend or two today. 
Diane is also speaking at the Flower Show–Sunday at 2pm. 
 How to Create a Healthy Monarch Butterfly Habitat at Home
We have a bunch of other winter and early spring workshops coming up as well. 
Click Here to learn about Pruning, Garden Maintenance the Natureworks Way, Raised Bed Gardening, Month by Month in the Food Garden- sign up today and reserve your spot. You’ll find the links to view or print the class pdf’s down below.
A sample of some of our new kids books coming to the Flower Show!


The winter aconites are in bloom and the snowdrops are budded. Our ‘Diane’ red witch hazel is open in the shade garden by the road. Despite any snow, ice, or cold weather Mother Nature throws at us, the days are getting longer, the sun is getting stronger, and signs of life are oh-so-subtly appearing everywhere. 

When you go to the flower show or take a gardening class, you will find that there is a whole world of wonderful things to do at this time of year to make winter enjoyable. And there is nothing better than sharing your love of gardening with like-minded folks who share in your excitement. It has been my secret to surviving winter in CT for decades. 

I know I will see you very soon…

Our red witch hazel is in full bloom by the road at Natureworks! It is underplanted with hundreds of snowdrops.