It’s May and it finally feels like SPRING!

It’s May and it finally feels like SPRING!

We welcome the month of May with open arms as this week promises sunshine and a much needed warm up. I layered up and worked in my own gardens over the weekend, primarily splitting and transplanting asters and mums and other perennials. My veggie gardens are coming along nicely, considering how cold April was. Thank God for row covers- my broccoli,

Lettuce is ready to be planted in your garden or placed on your deck.

broccoli raab, and spinach looks amazing. Peas are finally up, and all but one of my beds are ready for MORE planting. Potatoes, more carrots, another round of lettuce, and lots of herbs are all heading home with me this week. I am buying another raised bed as we now offer a really simple cedar raised bed kit that is very reasonably priced and easy to put together. Gradually, one part of my veggie garden is getting less sun in late summer due to the growth of an evergreen hedge along my south property line. The birds LIVE in this hedge and I would never think of removing it. Instead, I am moving some of my warm weather, hot sun loving plants like tomatoes to this new raised bed that is on the other side of the yard and in full sun all day. 

A view under my floating row cover. Perfectly beautiful broccoli and spinach. 

Last week, especially during the cold, rainy days, the trucks rolled in. All told, TWELVE shipments were processed, priced, and displayed since last week’s email- and more to come this week! Natureworks looks simply AMAZING! 

We have Hellebores galore, many new groundcover perennials, gorgeous Geums, all sorts of flowering shrubs, evergreens, herbs, succulents, and annuals too. After Suzanne’s hummingbird talk last Saturday, I have been getting email after email reporting hummingbird sightings in our area. They’re back and now is the time to attract them to YOUR yard. If you plant enough nectar flowers that bloom in succession all season long, they will surely want to take up residence and raise their family nearby. And don’t forget to try our great new nectar in your hummingbird feeders. It really brings them in!

Salmon Agastache- hummingbirds love it, the leaves and flowers are edible

One of the easiest hummingbird flowers to grow is the beautiful Agastache ‘Salmon-Pink Bicolor’ shown at the left. I always put this in a big pot by my deck and it is visited daily by our hummers. We also have Salvias of all sorts, both the perennial and annual types. Old fashioned coral bells (with green leaves and coral flower spikes) and red Weigela are also good plants that will be in bloom in the next few weeks and we have both of them in stock. 

How is your organic lawn doing? NOW is the time to feed your lawn if you haven’t already. Bring in your soil test for us to look at and we can match you with the right organic fertilizer. If you use Corn Gluten, remember, you can’t overseed as it inhibits all seed germination, not just crabgrass. If you are overseeding, you can fertilizer with Pro Gro or Cheep Cheep. The soil has finally warmed up and you can hear the mowers everywhere. Feed now for a healthy organic lawn.

Tune in this Thursday night at 5 pm for Facebook Live. I will be showcasing all sorts of native plants for your spring garden and explaining why it is SO

Foamflower (Tiarella) is such a lovely native plant that blooms in May

important to plant natives in your yard. And boy, do we have a lot of wonderful natives right now. At the top of this email you will see Virginia bluebells (Mertensia) which is an absolutely beautiful woodland wildflower that spreads easily. We have Tiarellas, creeping Phloxes for sun and shade, mayapples (Podophyllum), wild columbine, and so much more. 

Have you been driving around and noticing that the woods are filled with clouds of soft yellow flowers lately? That’s our native spicebush, Lindera benzoin. It is blooming a few weeks late this year. I go out of my way to drive by some special spots where the spicebush is abundant. It is the larval host plant of the spicebush swallowtail butterfly and the red berries are eaten by birds in early fall. We just got a new shipment in as they are one of our most popular shrubs right now!

Look for spicebush in bloom in the woods right now. If you scratch the bark you can smell the spicy scent. 

Are your peony hoops on? We have once again restocked or sturdy, easy-to-

open peony hoops. They are strong enough to hold up the heavy blossoms and are also popular for supporting dahlias in the summer. They fold up flat, so easy, for storage in the winter. This is a vast improvement over the older types that get so tangled up when you try to install them or put them away. Click Here to view a video showing how simple these peony cages are to use. 

This week is

National Small Business Week. I hope you will make it a point to shop at as many small businesses as possible. We are the lifeblood of your community. Small businesses give a town its character. Natureworks employs 28 of your neighbors and friends in the busy season. I am still in awe that we are celebrating our 35th anniversary in business. I humbles me to think of all the lives we’ve touched in that time. And, how many people we have taught to respect the earth. 


This is the week to really dig into your garden. We have everything you need! Please come celebrate Small Business Week with us and stroll our lush, beautiful organic gardens. There is so much to see, so much to do, and so much to enjoy. I hope to see you soon…



P.S. Natureworks will be a vendor at the May Market at the Hill-Stead Museum in Farmington on Saturday and Sunday. It is one of the treasures of CT- a great museum, the sunken garden  (shown above), incredible stone walls, a new pollinator garden, tons of vendors, baby sheep, wine and beer tasting, delicious food, and music. See the link below for all the details. Treat yourself.